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10 Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Generous Tippers. No 8 might surprise you.

Among the major perk of being a famous person, is having a lot of money. To prove that they have money, celebrities usually go around tipping people for the service they get. Iif you are rich, you are expected to leave money tip. In this article, we are going to check out top ten celeb who is incredibly generous.

  1. Amy Schumer

One day Amy to her pal and boyfriend to watch Hamilton, where he used $$77 bar tab which smaller. But, her tip was not that mall. He spends $1000 more for the people who worked there because all of them wanted to become like her, and earlier he used to work as a bartender. Therefore, he empathized with them and gave them money tip graciously.

Amy Schumer

  1. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck got into a coffee shop. He was in a hurry for an acting gig. While paying for coffee, he realized he had hundred dollar bill, and the attendant did not have any change to give back. Ben told the attendant to keep the change and chucked.

Ben Affleck

  1. Johnny Depp

Arriving at a hotel around 11 with friend Michael Mann. Depp wanted a private room and ordered a high amount of food and wine. The bill came to around $4000 at around 2 am. He left a tip of 4000 to cap off the night.

Johnny Depp

  1. Drew Barrymore

Drew once went to a pub in New York City where Ortiz worked. Drew tipped her generously the several time he went there.

Drew Barrymore

  1. Bill Murray

There I a time Murray gave a tip of 120 percent on a bill. In fact, after giving a tip, Murray decided to help the waiter out. Further, he taught the waited how to make lemon wedge juicer.

Bill Murray

  1. Charlie Sheen

Charlie tipped every employee an extra 200 dollar for making sure the daughter birthday party was extra special. In addition, he gave the each of them tiger blood too on top of the new bonus. Therefore, what I worth more, the vial of tiger blood or the 200 dollar tip.

Charlie Sheen

  1. Russel Crowe

Crow went to a local pub with nine friends of him and order food and beer worth 240 pounds. He added a tip of 600 pounds on top of the bill for the wait employee. He is known to surprise the fan with a generous tip.

Russel Crowe

  1. Dan Aykroyd

A hotel attendant who chose to remain anonymous told reporter that Dan tipped generously when he visited the restaurant. He usually gives a tip of fifty percent tab or 100 dollars, whichever comes first. For an individual who has a net worth of more than $130 million in the bank, Dan isn’t shabby at all, especially when it comes to tipping generously

Dan Aykroyd

  1. Justin Bieber

Bieber and the then girlfriend Gomez, while in DC went to a steakhouse and spent $120 for food. While the waiter did not reveal how much Bieber tipped out, he said he tipped generously. In another instance, Bieber went to IHOP with his girlfriend and gave a tip of more than 100 percent. Well, we do not know if he was impressing his woman or just an act of kindness.

Justin Bieber

  1. Drew Carrey

Drew Carrey pent a whopping 200 dollar on food and gave a tip of $400. In addition to that, Carey I a regular customer at a local restaurant in LA, and he always give a tip of more than fifty dollars.

Drew Carrey

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