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Aesha Scott Biography; What’s Her Relationship With Jack Stirrup? Does She Have ADHD?

Aesha Scott is a rising New Zealander Reality TV Star famous as one of the cast members on the fourth season of reality television series, Below Deck Mediterranean.

She appeared in the show as the second stewardess. She is no more in the Bravo TV show. So, Were Aesha and Jack Stirrup really dating? Are they still together? What is she doing after she left the show? Slow down people; we have all the answers here! All you need is to scroll!

Aesha Scott Bio, Wiki, Age.

Aesha has appeared in only one television series, Below Deck Mediterranean, so far. She has not disclosed much about her personal life, including her birth details.

However, Bravo TV reports Aesha was born in Tauranga in New Zealand. She is a New Zealander and belongs to the mixed ethnicity. She was the only daughter among her four sibling-brothers.

Image of Beautiful Aesha Scott

Beautiful Aesha Scott

Aesha was all surrounded by boys during her childhood. She spent most of her time filled with outdoor activities and sports. When she grew up, she was active, loud, and outgoing with a strong raunchy sense of humor. During one of the interviews, Aesha reported that she grew up with a mother who was struggling with alcohol abuse.

Aesha Scott Professional Career.

Aesha came into the spotlight for appearing in television series, Below Deck Mediterranean. In the show, she appeared as one of the new yachties as the second stewardess.

Image of Aesha Scott Appeared In Below Deck Mediterranean

Aesha Scott Appeared In Below Deck Mediterranean

Actually, she never thought of getting involved in the yachting industry but got attracted to the adventurous lifestyle after working in the industry.

Aesha Scott’s Earnings and Net Worth

The television personality, who has only worked in a show, might be earning a considerable amount of money. A reality television personality earns an annual salary of $51,630 in average; she might also be making in the same range. Besides an estimated earning, nothing about her current net worth is known.

Is Aesha Scott Dating Jack Stirrup?

Actually, it was Aesha’s personal life that made a huge buzz in the industry more than for her professional career. As per her appearances in the show, she was reported to be dating her fellow co-star Jack Stirrup.

Image of Aesha Scott And Jack Stirrup were frequently seen Flirting

Aesha Scott And Jack Stirrup were frequently seen Flirting

Jack and Aesha often shared cozy moments together. They, in fact, enjoyed a flirtatious relationship. As they spent most of their time together, they were often questioned about being in a relationship.

But you know, things we see in the series cannot always be real! The same goes for Aesha! Even they seemed to be a thing in the show, they are not dating in real life. They are only close friends.

Image of Aesha Scott And Jack Stirrup Off Deck

Aesha Scott And Jack Stirrup Off Deck

If you check Jack’s Instagram, you can see his whole different world. As per his Instagram posts, Jack is dating Kelly Hidge. His girlfriend is a fashion blogger and stylist from the United Kingdom.

Talking about Aesha’s current relationship status, her status is quite confusing. One of her Instagram post on 30th September 2016, suggested that she is in a relationship. In the post, Aesha mentioned that “Jane is in a relationship and does not post on social media.”

So, does that mean she is secretly dating? This has raised numerous questions, and now, many gossip mongers confirm, she is dating but is not sharing the happy news.

Aesha Scott’s Health Condition

Well, Aesha loves to share her experiences and loves to talk about herself on her Instagram page. She had opened up about the time when she went through difficulties in managing her attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder ADHD.

View this post on Instagram

Just channeling my inner poser. Which is so hard to do because I’m legit the worst model ever, I need soooooo much direction 😂 Definitely made for moving picture. I have nothing overly inspiring to share today as I have a full belly from dinner and am slowly settling into a nice relaxed state after literally spending the past three hours either releasing excited energy on the phone, singing Christmas carols, or pretending to be a rapper. I honestly think one of the keys to my unending happiness is the fact that I’m very hyperactive and that energy comes out as excitement. Constantly. So I’m literally excited about everything every day. Not even big things. I get so excited to have a satisfying wee, to bite into my apple, to rub my moisturiser in. And how can you not be happy when you froth off everything 😂😂 I guess that also ties in super closely with appreciating everything too, not taking things for granted. Anyway that’s a chat for another day. Today I just thought I’d share that I am in fact ADHD and it is truly the biggest gift I ever could have gotten! Best disorder eveeeeeer. My family members often say they wish they were born with it too so they could have the energy I do. I was born two months early so I reckon me ol’ brain didn’t quite get done developing 😂 And it doesn’t mean I run around like a maniac though, I know how to channel it in the right way. It does however mean I find it really hard to concentrate as my mind is a mile a minute, hence my random thoughts about ovaries. I just thought I’d share that to let people struggling know that I have an unfair advantage, so please don’t wonder why I can live this way and you can’t seem to, I’m totally cheating!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 📸 by @nastiasurmava and edited by my sissy @chickcalledlara xx

A post shared by Aesha Jean Scott (@aesha_jean) on

In the post, Aesha admitted that her energy and vitality had helped her to carry on her increasing positive life. She also openly talked about how her condition has affected her life. In the post, Aesha admitted that the disorder is truly the most significant gift she has.

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