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Image of Aimee Hall from Floribama Shore Net Worth, Salary, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki-Bio

Aimee Hall from Floribama Shore Net Worth, Salary, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki-Bio

Meet Aimee Hall from MTV’s reality television series, Floribama Shore. She believes she’s the reincarnation of most Disney characters and calls herself ‘Princess goddess mermaid’ and with good measure.

The gorgeous Alabama native continues to turn heads both on screen with her cast mates and off-screen too. Here is her life away from the camera summarized with details on her net worth, salary, boyfriend, age, and Wiki-Bio

Who is Aimee Hall? Her Career info.

Aimee Hall made her debut as an actress back in November 27th, 2017 during the pilot of MTV’s Floribama Shore. It’s a reality show set to showcase the lives of eight young adults living their lives in the Gulf Coast at Panama City Beach.

Image of Aimee Hall from Floribama Shore show

Aimee Hall from Floribama Shore show

It’s got its fair share of drama, fights, emotional comebacks even as they bond over the Summer as roommates. So far it has defined Aimee’s career by fast-tracking her into stardom and opening up new opportunities for her.

Nevertheless, Aimee Hall from Floribama was once a bartender at The Scrap Yard, a roadhouse in Bay Minette before she applied for an acting role. She currently has two seasons, 34 episodes that have racked up millions of viewers across the globe.

Aimee Hall Net worth, Salary.

Sources have placed Aimee Hall’s net worth figure at approximately $50,000. The same leaks also mentioned a little bit of her salary with her partnership with MTV and 495 Production Holdings. The actress gets about $25,000 annually for her appearances on TV.

Image of TV Star, Aimee net worth is $50,000

TV Star, Aimee net worth is $50,000

If you thought that was it, then you couldn’t be any more wrong. The reality star’s influence has grown over the years with a huge fan base to show for it. As a result, Aimee Hall monetized her Instagram and models for brands such as Tropic House Swim, Boohoo, Clothing, and Pretty Rebellious Boutique.

We doubt her job as a Bartender contributed much to her net worth, but it did pay her bills before her fame. Currently, she’s all about partying and living life to the fullest with her new-found friends.

Aimee Hall Married to a husband? Or dating a boyfriend?

Hall’s introduction during the show was probably one of the most memorable moments of the series. ‘‘I just want to have one night stands’’ was what she said in the pilot episode. Looking back into her past revealed that she had come out of a toxic relationship.

Image of Aimee Hall is currently single

Aimee Hall is currently single

Aimee Hall’s previous boyfriend, whom she dated for over a decade had cheated on her with her cousin and also impregnated another woman. She found solace with one her best friends called Nilsa Prowant, also a star on the series who had just come out of a marriage for the same reasons.

For a while, rumor had it that Aimee Hall was dating Wesley Clements as the couple was spotted spending an awful lot of time together. She had even uploaded photos of the said hangouts on her Instagram, but they have been pulled down. As far as we are concerned, Aimee is single with no kids.

Aimee Hall Arrested?

495 Production Holdings and the star were the subjects of a court hearing after a plaintiff by the name of Melissa Bensinger sued them. She filed for physical assault, battering, mental anguish and embarrassment for the incident that took place last year.

On the other hand, the reality star Aimee Hall pleaded not guilty and defended herself saying that the altercation only started after the patron Bucked at her. The whole incident took place while they were filming at the Newby’s bar after which the authorities arrested Aimee.

Aimee Hall Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Aimee Elizabeth Hall
Age 26
Date of Birth October 1st,1992
Place of Birth Perdido, Alabama
Profession Reality TV star
Net worth $50,000
Relationship status Single
Kids None
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Libra

Aimee Hall is currently 27 years old and was born on October 1st, 1992 in Perdido, Alabama. She got her high school education at Baldwin County High School but hasn’t revealed anything about her college priors. Details of her family, parents are also missing from her bio. However, she did upload a picture of her mother on her Instagram while reflecting on the good old days she had as a kid.

She became a bartender and initially applied for a role on another reality TV series called Party Down South. Sadly, the show was canceled, leaving her star to shine somewhere else. Now at the age of 27, she rocks an average height of 5 feet 8 inches with influence upon her millions of followers.

Image of Aimee Hall height is 5 feet 8 inches

Aimee Hall height is 5 feet 8 inches

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