Andy Bassich Divorce with Wife Kate Rorke Bassich. What happened?

Can you imagine living your life alone? Let’s make this a bit interesting, how about living alone in Alaskan Wilderness? Well, I guess most of us wouldn’t find that easy, right? So today we are about to talk about Life below Zero’s Andy Bassich divorce with wife Kate Rorke Bassich. So what happened to andy and wife Kate on Life below zero? Why did they end their married life?

 Why did Life Below Zero Andy Bassich Divorced his wife, Kate Bassich?

For most of their fans they seemed to be a happy couple, but then again we probably didn’t know what was going on behind the closed Curtain.  Before discussing the couple’s split which is a sad part of the story, first, let us see how Andy and his wife Kate met and got married?

When it comes to Andy Bassich’s origin her story is different; Kate Rorke isn’t an Alaskan native. It was in 2003 when the couple first met in Dawson City, Alaska.

Caption: Life Below Zero Andy Bassich with his wife Kate Rorke Bassich before the divorce.

Back when Andy was working in Alaska as a captain in Yukon riverboat, and Kate Rorke came there as a tourist, and that’s how the couple met.

And that’s how their love story began. Before Andy and Kate Bassich were married, they dated for a while.

The two lovebirds were living their lives as per their vows to live the rest of their lives happily. But it was a big shock for the fans when the couple announced their divorce in 2015. Andy Bassich divorce with his wife was announced publicly in one episode of the TV series “Life Below Zero”.

Even after they announced their split, it took about a year to officially get separated due to exhausting court’s hearing and settlement.

So what caused the split?

Most of the public couldn’t believe that their favorite Life Below Zero’s cast Andy and wife Kate were splitting after ten years of living together. After all, they seemed a really happy and nice couple on the tv screen, so why the sudden split?

It looks like the pair’s relationship was never the way we perceived it. According to Kate Bassich, she suffered violent physical abuse and mental torture during her married life with husband, Andy. She tried hard to patch things up and get the life on the right track, but only to get disappointed at the end. This is the reason why life below zero Andy Bassich and his wife Kate Rorke Bassich’s decided to divorce and live their separate lives.

After separation, Kate left Alaska and never returned, and Andy is living his lonely life in the cold Alaskan Wilderness.


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