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Is Anna Sigga Nicolazzi Married to a Husband? Know her Age, Wiki, Bio.

The justice system of America was founded many years ago, and the mantle passed down from generation to generation. Anna Sigga Nicolazzi is one such person trusted to uphold fairness under the oath of an Assistant District Attorney of New York City. Her reign was unquestionable while bursting down homicidal cases and defending the innocent. Read this to know Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi’s Personal info.

However, there was a recent case that had the potential to ruin her entire career. We’ll tell you all about it but first, let’s get to know who Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi is, her age, husband, and Wiki-Bio.

Who is Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi? Her Career Info and TV Shows.

For a long time, Nicolazzi let her work speak for herself. However, recently, her work has been televised on reality shows like True Conviction, Web of Lies and Did He Do It?

Image of Anna Sigga Nicolazzi from TV show, True Conviction

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi from TV show, True Conviction

These are all accounts of real-life crime in which she helps to solve mind-boggling cases. With over 50 wins in her career, who wouldn’t seek for her opinion?

But let’s go back to the beginning. Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi got her career start at the Brooklyn School of Law, where she passed her bar exam to work as a lawyer. Over time, she rose in stature until she became the Assistant District Attorney in New York under the supervision of Charles Hynes.

The two go way back and even went to the same school. Therefore, it was only natural that they would see eye to eye and work like a well-oiled machine. Nonetheless, Nicolazzi specialized in prosecution and helped clean up the streets of criminals. After successfully winning 50 cases, she took off her hat as the Chief of the Homicide Bureau to indulge in broadcasting until now.

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi Net Worth in 2019.

With her new found fame in the reality television world, the former Assistant District Attorney topped up her salary cap. We all know how much reality television pays since recent times have on the norm. That said, Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi’s net worth has added up over the years up to roughly $8 million. Her salary, on the other hand, is knowledge only privy to her.

Image of TV actor, Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth is $8 million

TV actor, Anna Sigga Nicolazzi net worth is $8 million

Her net worth shouldn’t come much as a surprise since she has over 21 years of experience working as a high ranking official in a law firm. Moreover, the reality series, True Conviction which she stars in, airs on the Investigation Discovery channel, a subsidiary of the Discovery Network. In simple terms, it pays well.

Is Anna Sigga Nicolazzi married to a husband? Any Kids?

Before we answer this question, most witnesses facing against notorious criminals in most cases end up being placed under witness protection. It would, therefore, be unwise for the former prosecutor to put the lives of her family in danger by divulging any such information to the public. Remember, many known criminals are behind bars because of her.

To confirm this, there aren’t any leading sources tying the reality star to a husband. Furthermore, there are no traces of any marriages, nor kids. If she does have a family, then she’s doing a great job of keeping them a secret.


One of the highlighted cases of the former Assistant District Attorney was her prosecution of John Giuca and Antonio Russo. She convicted the two in 2005 for the murder of a Fairfield University student named Mark Fisher, shot dead on October 12th, 2003.

Image of Anna Sigga Nicolazzi and John Giuca

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi and John Giuca

The controversial part comes in 12 years later when the current Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office overruled her conviction and declared him innocent. As it turns out, reports have it that there were cases of witness tampering, staged testimonials and a whole lot more riding on the situation.

Furthermore, there are also claims that the win was much needed to maintain her then streak that went higher up to 35 more prosecutions over the next years. We’re no judge, jury nor executioner but condemning an innocent man isn’t noble.

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi Age, Family, Wiki-Bio Personal info.

Full name Anne-Sigga Nicolazzi
Age 40’s
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth The United States
Profession TV Personality, Former Assistant District Attorney
Net worth $8 million
Husband None
Kids None
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Unknown

Anna Sigga Nicolazzi lives a somewhat secretive life and has not told any reputable news outlet about her early life. We don’t know her date of birth, age, nor details concerning her family. However, we do know that she jumped straight into the DA’s office fresh from Law School, which would put her age somewhere in her mid-forties.

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