Bernice Burgos Daughter Ashley Burgos: Wiki, Age, Father, Sister Amarie Burgos

Ashley Burgos is mainly known for being the daughter of the adult model Bernice Burgos. Ashley is extremely beautiful and her looks are similar to the looks of her mother. Bernice Burgos daughter and Bernice Burgo are originally Puerto Rican and both of them are professional models. It looks like Ashley is following her mother’s footsteps. She became insanely famous when she started dating T.I. their relationship was going great but they broke up because of some unknown reasons.

Ashley Burgos age: How old is Bernice Burgos daughter?

The most asked question about Bernice’s daughter is related to her age? How old is she? When someone first sees Bernice they will probably think she is in her twenties and find very hard to believe that she is already 37 years old as of 2017. Don’t believe us? I know the feeling, I mean she is still hot and doesn’t look anywhere near the 30s. This diva has some secrets on keeping her look young.

On other hands, her daughter Ashley is in her early 20’s. 21 years of age as of 2017 to be exact. When you keep daughter and mother together you might not see much age difference. So Bernice being 36 years of age and her daughter 21, we found out that she had her daughter when she was 16 years old, which is pretty early for 16 years old girl. This might have occurred because of some stupid mistake like most people does while in teen age. Now we can make our speculation on why Ashley Burgos father is a matter of secret.

Who is Ashley Burgos Father and mother?

What we most people know about Ashley Burgos is that she is internet sensations Bernice Burgos daughter. We have heard about Ashley in a couple of news relating to her mother. But the real question is Who is her real father? And it might come to you as a surprise but with all the media’s attention on this internet sensation Bernice, She has somehow managed to keep the secret about her daughter Ashley’s father.

Bernice Burgos and her daughter

Bernice Burgos with her daughter Ashley Burgos

Bernice Burgo is the mother of Ashley Burgos. She is a popular model who is known for her relationship rumors. She used to date T.I. but the couple broke up recently. It seemed as if they would do well as they were looking very happy together but some issues led to the break up of this beautiful couple. She is popular on Instagram with over 2 Million followers.

This is a great start and it seems that the number of her followers will keep increasing at this rate. She is not married to any person but everyone hopes that she will get into a relationship soon. She was born in New York City, United States. In the beginning of her career, she used to work as a bartender and waitress. She started her modeling career at the same time of doing those jobs.

She performed in a number of music videos in the start. She also worked on the covers of some men’s magazines during the early 2000s. Therefore, Bernice went through a lot in order to establish a career for herself. She became a fashion model too and has started her own lingerie and is now an entrepreneur. Her brand sells sleepwear for women. Her products are of different styles and sizes. She was seen with famous rapper and musician, Drake in the year 2012 but those were just a few rumors.

Amarie Burgos is Ashley’s Sister and a younger daughter of Bernice Burgos.

Bernice Burgos also has another younger daughter Amarie Burgos. She is now living with her mother and sister.

Is Bernice Burgos’s daughter  Ashley in a relationship?

Ashley is a pretty young girl. She has an enchanting beauty with the combination of perfect body and face. Anyone would accept to date her at once. With the medias focusing on Bernice, little is known about her daughter. But what we know is she had been in a relationship with a guy. But later she found out that he was cheating on him so they split. But Ashley had a plan on taking some revenge. So she stole her boyfriend’s Instagram. Changed name and bio and posted some image and contents which indicate that he is a cheater.

Other than this she is not known to have any relationship and affairs.

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