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image of Belen De Leon: Wiki-bio, Husband, Married, Net worth, Salary, Age

Belen De Leon: Wikipedia-Bio, Husband, Married, Net worth, Salary, Age

We like to keep updated on the news of our favorite actors and singers celebrities so why not our favorite TV personalities as well. Meteorologist and weather presenters are someone’s who take up only a little segment of the show but end up capturing our hearts.

Let us talk about Belen De Leon the very beautiful and bubbly meteorologist of the NBC 4, Belen De Leon. The Latin weather person is quick to imprint her influence in her viewers with her outstanding beauty and charm and is famous for occasionally spicing up things with a little bit of singing and dancing as she presents the report. She recently made a significant progression in her career to find out how it has affected her net worth and salary. Also find out about Belen De Leon age, married life, husband and other facts from her Wiki-bio.

Belen De Leon Is Married To Husband Ivan De Leon Since 2003.

The first thing viewers like to know about a celebrity is undoubtedly their love or married life. For this Meteorologist and weather presenter, we have limited information about her private life, but we still were able to gather enough knowledge about her married life. The Weather reporter and Meteorologist Belen De Leon is married to long-time husband, Iván de León.

Image of Belen De Leon husband Ivan De Leon

Belen De Leon husband, Ivan De Leon

Belen De Leon Net worth and Salary

We all know that Belen De Leon is a successful meteorologist who currently works for NBC 4 and not long ago used to work for ‘9 NEWS’. The significant progression in her career must have also affected her net worth and salary as well. While we are speaking of her career and net worth we cannot forget about her earlier career or profession as an artist as well. Her time as a singer and dancer in the Latin music industry is also an essential sector of her massive net worth.

Image of Belen De Leon Net worth is $1 million and salary $200,000 per year

Belen De Leon Net worth is $1 million, and salary is $200,000 per year

According to some online sources, Belen De Leon’s Net Worth is $1 Million, and her salary is $200,000 per year.

Career and Progression

Belen De Leon is famous as the weekend meteorologist for the newscast of ‘Today in LA’ in NBC 4. She is somewhat new to the channel after her recent transfer from her old workplace at 9 NEWS. Belen transferred to NBC from 9 NEWS on January 2018 after working on the latter for almost six years starting from the February of 2012. The newscaster who belongs to the Hispanic community as well as used her bilingual characteristic in her journalism work by presenting the weather in both language formats, English in Fox and Spanish in Univision from 2007 to 2011.befor she took the job at Colorado, Denver at 9 News.

This Meteorologist also has a prominent career in the music industry. She used to be part of a band ‘La Onda’ as a singer and dancer. Even though Belen struggled with her Texas-Mexican dialect that significantly differed it from the mainstream Spanish language and people also criticized her for it that did not stop her and her band to win 2 Latin Billboard Awards with one gold and one platinum record. Belen eventually left her music career deciding it was far away from home and not her forte.

About the Meteorologist and weather presenter Belen De Leon’s education, she achieved her Meteorology certification from Mississippi State University in August 2013 and also received her Broadcast Seal of Approval from the NWA (National Weather Association in 2015 although she was broadcasting a long time before that.

Belen De Leon Wikipedia Bio.

There is not much to go on when it comes to her wiki-bio. Even her age and birthday are not disclosed over the internet. From the information that she was only 19 years old when she was married, we can estimate her age to be 33 years old. Her twitter posts from 2014 also suggest that her birthday is on 29th August so she will be turning 34 years of age shortly. Belen De Leon’s  Wikipedia page does not exist as of now.

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