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Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde’s Married life, Kids and Net Worth

Bristol Marunde has definitely made many heads turn with his amazing knocks in UFC matches. But this fighter has another battlefield where he battles alongside his wife Aubrey Marunde and two lovely kids.

Renowned for being the couple on Flip or Flop Vegas, Bristol and Aubrey Marunde have more than just a marriage in their relationship which goes beyond the barriers of net worth and annual earnings. Let’s take a peek into the married life, kids and net worth of Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde!

Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde are Married as Husband and Wife since 2015.

Bristol Marunde met with his present wife, Aubrey Marunde in 2009 with the help of a mutual friend at a UFC fight on Memorial Day weekend in Vegas in 2009.


The couple met each other for a coffee date and realized that they were perfect for each other immediately and that the relationship was meant to be for them. Bristol and Aubrey Marunde became husband and wife on 24 May 2015 after six years of dating in their own backyard paradise.

Aubrey Marunde is a popular real estate magnate with a credible reputation as the co-host of reality TV show Flip or Flop Vegas with her husband, Bristol Marunde. She started her career in real estate by buying her first home when she was only 20 years old.

Aubrey also shares similar anecdotes with Bristol during their childhood as both their fathers were contractors and they go to learn tricks of the business from their presence at various job sites in their childhood. As the wife of a former MMA fighter with the UFC, Aubrey does not shy away from her athletic record as a gymnast and cheerleader at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.     

Image of American mixed martial artist, Bristol Marunde

American mixed martial artist, Bristol Marunde

Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde Kids

Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde have been blessed with two cute sons from their relationship and married life of three years. Kale Marunde is the elder son at an age of 6 years while Kane Marunde is 3 years old now presently. Both Kane and Kale accompany their parents to construction sites and work as assistants on the job from time to time.

Image of Bristol Marunde with his kids Kale Marunde (Son)Kane Marunde (Son)

Bristol Marunde with his kids Kale Marunde (Son)Kane Marunde (Son)

At one instance, Kale was able to point out to the exact color picked up by Aubrey earlier for a light blue accent wall when asked to find out the suitable one from a massive paint swatch book. The kids of Bristol and Aubrey Marunde appear to share the passion of their parents for real estate, construction and creative work.

Bristol and Aubrey like to spend a lot of time with their kids and in outdoor locations such as in the pool and trampoline at their house. The family also hosts several other animals in a mini zoo at their home which has many pets such as dogs, turtles, chicken, fish, and parakeets. Bristol and Aubrey think that having pets around can help their children learn more about responsibility.

Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde Net worth

The net worth of Bristol Marunde and Aubrey Marunde has been estimated at almost $5 million which is supposed to have been created through their combined earnings with Flip or Flop Vegas. Individually, Bistrol Marunde’s net worth is $3 Million and Aubrey Marude’s worth about $2 Million.

Image of Flip or flop cast Bristol Marunda and Aubrey Marunda net worth is $5 million

Flip or flop cast Bristol Marunda and Aubrey Marunda net worth is $5 million

The net worth of Bristol Marunde individually could only be attributed to his career in the UFC which did not account for a fortune.

However, his wife Aubrey Marunde had already established a niche in the business of flipping houses which was responsible for sizeable net worth in her purse. After Bristol Marunde took a brief sabbatical from the UFC and joined his wife’s business, his net worth has definitely taken a ride up the hill, especially with Flip or Flop Vegas!

Age 36 years (Born April 20, 1982)
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Occupation MMA fighter, TV show host
Parents N/A
Spouse Aubrey Marunde
Kids Kale Marunde (Son)

Kane Marunde (Son)

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