Canadian Chef Michael Bonacini’s Net worth, Wife, Married life, Kids

Michael Bonacini, the master chef and co-founder of Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants and was also one of the judges of the Master Chef show held for Canada.

Born in Tenby of South Wales, Michael was trained in traditional cooking under Chef Anton Mosimann prior to moving into Canada. After he moved to Canada, he along with Peter opened up the world class restaurants called the Oliver and Bonacini restaurants, popularly called as O&B restaurants worldwide.

He is the key behind driving all the culinary and design for all the new projects. He has also been the key driver in judging the most happening cooking show of Canada.

Bonacini’s wife and children and what is his net worth?

He is married to Valerie and his wife, in one of the interviews said how Michael felt uncomfortable and strange on watching himself being aired on television.  And, in of the interviews, he says that it is mostly his wife who books his travel tickets these days and that’s quite romantic, isn’t it? He has also gotten used to some of the moisturizers because of his wife and he says that they are one of the must-carry things while he travels. He also has a cute son who sometimes accompanies him and his wife when they plan out for a vacation together.

Valerie Bonacini and her husband Michael Bonacini having dinner together

Michael Bonacini with his wife Valerie Bonacini

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Michael has been one of the influential people of Toronto and put together Michael and Oliver have made huge money but there are no reports that speak about the total net worth of Michael. The restaurant is known to have made $65 million in the year 2011 and their restaurants can serve 3900 people with its full capacity.

Michael does not like boasting and he says that he loves to stay grounded, straightforward and remain simple like he has always been. The inauguration of the restaurant has brought him a lot of fame and put him into the limelight but he does not want to let go of the humility and loves being modest. Isn’t that a great quality for a celebrity chef like him?

The first restaurant that was opened by Oliver and Bonacini was named Jump and the restaurant functioned for more than a couple of decades but did you know that Chapeau was one of the projects that ended up in disaster before Jump actually took off as an O and B project?

Bonacini has been part of Jump, Canoe and O&B restaurants ever since he started off working with Oliver, the South-African money guy who has invested on all of these restaurants.  Bonacini has also authored a book called 3 Chefs: The Kitchen Men and this has been one of the best cooking books.

Weight loss of Bonacini?

Looks like, the cooking champion is also a health freak. He loves to gym every day without fail and when he is travelling keeping himself hydrated is one of the main reasons behind his body being in shape and also one of the ways to lose weight and ever since O&B has collaborated with the Ink, this master chef often visits Calgary on business trips and he loves to take the window seat and look outside as the plane takes off and enjoys the view like a first time flyer.

What are the age, height, and weight of Michael Bonacini?

The 55-year-old genius chef loves to take the aisle when he is on a long flight journey because of his incredible height, he is 6 foot and 2 inches tall and getting up from the window would be a little tedious admits Michael.

Tallest Michael Bonacini posing in blue suit

Michael Bonacini exact height is 6 ft 2 inch

Source: Dolce Magazine

Short Bio of Michael Bonacini

Michael, the Bon Appétit person seems to definitely have some amazing skills as a chef. He believes that following passions is the key to success and looks like that’s how this man landed into the world of culinary with his amazing cooking skills.  This foodie celebrity loves to travel to a lot of places but recommends an island near his hometown as a must-visit place for travelers because of its uniqueness and quaint beaches.

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