Catriona McGinn Age, Height, Weight, Wiki-Bio about Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Wife.

Meet Catriona McGinn, the stunning wife to the bad boy actor, Mark-Paul Gosselaar who is most charismatic on the show, Saved by the Bell. She may be all pretty on Red carpets standing next to her husband but talks business as an advertising executive.

Many-a-time all the attention goes to her husband based on his fame, but we spring that from him today to talk about his wife. So strap in for most on her Wiki-bio, career, age, height, weight and much more.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Married to Wife Catriona McGinn after divorce from Lisa Ann Russell. Meet Their kids.

For the longest time, the actor had been involved with a bevy of women with one relationship even ending in marriage. In as much as it lasted for 14 years, it too was not meant to be and resulted in a quiet and civil divorce in 2010.

Image of Catriona McGinn with her husband Mark Paul Gosselaar and with their kids

Catriona McGinn with her husband Mark-Paul Gosselaar and with their kids

The woman in question is none other than the former model, Lisa Ann Russell. The two lovebirds met sometime in the ’90s and got hitched in the year 1996.  Their love sprouted two off-springs by the names, Michael Charles and Ava Lorenn.

After one year of co-parenting with his ex-wife, Mark-Paul Gosselaar met and proposed to his new girlfriend, Catriona McGinn in 2011. A year later in July 2012, they were walking down the aisle together in matrimony at a private wedding held at the Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California.

It didn’t take long before they started making their perfect little family with their first bundle of joy announced eight months after their wedding. The little one made it into the world on September 30th, 2013 and was named Dekker Edward. A little later, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife Catriona McGinn welcomed their second born and named her Lachlyn Hope.

How old is Catriona McGinn? Her age.

The mother of two is currently of age 40 having been born in the year 1978. She celebrates her birthday annually on June 22nd and belongs to the star sign Capricorn.

How tall is Catriona McGinn? Know her Height, Weight, Measurements

At first glance of Mark-Paul Gosselaar wife Catriona McGinn, you may mistake her for a Miss World Runway model based off her height. She stands at roughly 5 feet 11 inches which slightly taller than her husband. When she puts on heels, it’s a different story.

Image of Advertising Executive, Catriona-McGinn height is 5 feet 11 inches

Advertising Executive, Catriona-McGinn height is 5 feet 11 inches

Catriona McGinn has blue eyes, dyed blond hair and a slim body. Like most ladies, she is self-conscious about her body weight and therefore very private about the subject. The only person with this knowledge is probably her dietician.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Wife Catriona McGinn’s Wiki-Bio, Career, Family.

Full name Catriona McGinn Gosselaar
Age 40
Date of Birth June 22nd, 1978
Place of Birth Undisclosed
Profession Advertising executive
Alma Mater Simon Fraser University

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Husband Mark-Paul
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Cancer

The 40-year-old is yet to reveal her hometown and place of birth. However, we do know she attended John Abbott College and Sainte-Anne-de Bellevue located in Quebec, Canada. An educated guess would probably place her as a Canadian citizen.

Furthermore, upon Catriona’s graduation in 1998, she enrolled at Simon Fraser University and later at McGill University where she graduated in 2002. Both of these are located in Canada which supports our Canadian Nationality argument. Details on her parents remain unknown.

The earliest form of documentation available on McGill’s work ethic is her job at Sparknet Communications located in Vancouver. She served as their General Manager and diligently oversaw the establishment of the JACK-FM format.

Catriona McGinn Gosselaar later moved up the ladder with another job at Nielsen BDS radio. Like her former job, she also worked as a General Manager with insights in marketing and general product development and advertising. In 2010, she changed yet again to another position at Media Monitors. Part of her daily drive was working as a Sales Executive which later turned out into a promotion as an advertising executive.

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