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Image of Chase Landry Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

Chase Landry Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

Being an alligator in Louisiana can be rough. Especially with the likes of the Molineres, the Guist brothers, and the Edwards family of Swamp People hunting you. The Landry family which consists of the trio, Troy, Jacob, and Chase Landry – the youngest – would never miss in on the action.

Troy and Jacob have always been open about their lives whereas Chase is completely shut off. However, we uncovered the truth behind his net worth, wife, age, and Wiki-bio.

Who is Chase Landry from Swamp People?

Chase is the youngest son of Troy Landry, a Louisiana born native who happens to hunt alligators and trap for a living.

Image of Chase Landry with his father Troy Landry

Chase Landry with his father Troy Landry

Chase Landry from Swamp People also has two brothers, Jacob and Brandon but more on that later. The family has been hunting, fishing and trapping together all their lives until the History Channel approached Troy.

Image of Chase Landry with his brother Jacob Landry

Chase Landry with his brother Jacob Landry

They offered to make a reality show out of their careers and lives. He reluctantly accepted and brought in his three sons to help him. Chase made his debut in August 2010 during the inception of the show’s first season and has been there until this very day.

Swamp People now boasts of millions of viewers worldwide with ten seasons to show for it. The youngest of the Landry’s has shown charisma, bravery, and sheer wit and keeps surprising us with every new season.

Chase Landry Net worth, Salary.

The young reality star’s rise to prominence also corresponded to an increase in his financial status. Chase Landry now boasts of an astounding net worth amounting to $400,000. This value has risen over the years when compared to previous sources.

Image of Swamp People cast Chase Landry net worth is $400,.000

Swamp People cast Chase Landry net worth is $400,.000

He follows in his dad’s footsteps in every way. If it’s deriving most of his wealth from reality television, he indeed copied that. When his father opened up a seafood restaurant to boost his net worth, the young lad also established his premises called Chasin’ Tails which specializes in Crawfish.

Image of Chase Landry from Swamp People show

Chase Landry from Swamp People show

Above all else, he also supplements his lifestyle by hunting gators and selling his kills when its peak season. Moreover, the reality star is also an excellent fisherman who specializes in crawfish.

Chase Landry Married to a wife Chelsea Kinsey and Have Kids Together.

Much as he is still in his late 20’s, Chase Landry from Swamp People wasted no time in starting a family of his own. His older brothers already have their wives and kids to worry about, so when he found the girl of his dreams, he sealed the deal with marriage.

The woman we are talking about is none other than Chase Landry’s wife, Chelsea Kinsey. Unlike the rest of the family, she isn’t one to pop up on television or in his social media accounts. Everything about her from their engagement to their marriage has always been hidden.

However, some secrets don’t stay buried for too long. Swamp People Chase Landry and Wife Chelsea Kinsey shares a beautiful baby girl called Riley Blake who was born on March 18th, 2017. Photos of her emerged from her granddad’s Facebook who was more than thrilled to share the news of a new family member with the world.

Chase Landry Arrested?

Most times, life in the wild doesn’t go as expected. The Swamp People star was arrested for charges of shooting a shrimp boat while he was hunting for alligators back in September 2016. He got scheduled for a court appearance but never showed up hence the arrest warrant which had his name on it.

According to TMZ, he argued that he thought the shrimp boat was coming right at him and would damage his boat causing him to fire upon it. There was significant damage sustained on the plaintiff’s vessel.

Chase Landry Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Chase Landry
Age 29
Date of Birth April 25th, 1989
Place of Birth Pierre Part, Louisiana
Profession Reality TV star, Gator hunter, restauranteur
Net worth $400,000
Wife Chelsea Kinsey
Kids Riley Blake
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 159 lbs
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Chase came into this world on April 25th, 1989 in Pierre Part, Louisiana. He was the product of the love his parents, Troy and Bernita Landry had for each other. He grew up alongside his two brothers, Brandon and Jacob up in the Atchafalaya River Basin.

Brandon who no longer makes appearances on the show is not the son of Troy but rather from an old flame of Bernita. Nevertheless, they all love each other equally. Their mother usually remains grounded while the rest of the family explore their wild side.

She worked as a teller in the early ’70s and later became a teacher at the Pierre Part Elementary school in 1995 until 2017. While there is so much history on the family, Landry’s early life and educational background never made it to light. What did come out are the sleekest tattoos which he shares pictures of, on his Twitter account.

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