Cisco Rosado Net Worth, Wife, Age, Birthday, Ethnicity, Wiki-Bio

Who does not know Cisco Rosado? The man who friend-zoned Miss Moe Money, and had an affair with Mariah Lynn. The Brooklyn raised gentleman is the former CEO of CMG entertainment and president of Mogul Media. He is also a famous producer, having previously worked with French Montana and Tank.

There is so much that you need to know about Cisco Rosado. Continue to read on to find out more about Cisco Rosado net worth, career, relationship, kids, and personal life.

Cisco Rosado Married life, wife. 

Cisco’s famous relationship with Jennifer Williams is what made everyone notice him. Jennifer was a cast member of the TV series, Basketball Wives. Cisco met Miss Williams when she was still going through her divorce with NBA player, Eric Williams.

Image of Cisco Rosado with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams

Cisco Rosado with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams

However, their relationship was somewhat complicated, and soon after the duo broke up publicly in front of millions of American watching the program. Since then, Jennifer has been in a relationship with Cisco.

Before Jennifer, Cisco Rosado was in a relationship Diamond Strawberry and later dated the rapper Mariahlynn.  The reason for dating Mariahlynn was mainly to get back at Rich Dollaz, a music executive and a cast member of Love& Hip Hop. Currently, Cisco Rosado is dating Teairra, a member of the TV show who is an extreme alcoholic.

Image of Cisco Rosado is currently dating with Teairra,

Cisco Rosado is currently dating with Teairra,

Cisco Rosado Net Worth.

Reality TV stars are not your typical employee. They cash rake in a lot of money from such shows. But apart from minting cash from Love & Hip-hop, Cisco Rosado has interests in several money-making ventures. Cisco Rosado’s Net Worth stands at $3 million.

Cisco Rosado net worth is $3 million

Love & Hip-hop is a famous show that airs on VH1. It airs at 8 pm. The current season features stars such as Cardi B, Kimbella Vanderhee, Yandy Smith- Harris, Remy Ma, Felicia Pearson, Mariahlynn (Rosado’s ex) and Bianca Bonnie.

The source of income to add in Cisco Rosado’s net worth comes from his earnings from the reality TV show, his business, as well as from his role as a music and entertainment executive. Note that he is the chief director of CMG entertainment.

While the cast for the 8th season was revealed earlier, the show is set to premiere in 2018. Cast members for this season include Kimbella or Julez, Lady Luck, Rich Dollaz, Yandy Smith, Somaya Reece, Mariahlynn. Bianca, DJ Self, and Dreamdoll,

Cisco Rosado Parents and other family members

Now that we know about Cisco Rosado’s Net Worth is $3 Million, let’s find more about his parents and family.

Cisco has two children, a son called Cisco Rosado Jr and a daughter called Tianna. His baby mama is known as Tasha. On the 5th season of LHHH, episode 5, you can see Cisco Rosado holding a conversation with Tasha. In the episode, he confesses that it was his actions that led to their breakup.

Image of Cisco Rosado with his son Cisco Rosado Jr and daughter Tianna

Cisco Rosado with his son Cisco Rosado Jr and daughter Tianna

However, he blames Tasha from taking his family away from him, but he now claims that his actions are what caused the breakup. However, Rosado still loves his children very much and usually posts photos of him and his children on his social networks. Last year, during her daughter’s birthday, he shared a touching caption about his daughter, saying that she is her primary inspiration.

How old is Cisco Rosado? His age, Birthday

Cisco Rosado’s birthday is on June 29. Cisco Rosado was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, US. However, he has never shared his date of birth or his actual age. But Cisco Rosado is very close to his parents, especially his mother, Maggie Clan. She is very supportive of her son, and always comes to his rescue whenever he needs her.

Cisco Rosado Ethnicity, Wiki-Bio, Height.



June 30


Hometown Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.


Height Cisco Rosado’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches and belongs to Puerto Rican ethnicity.
Astrological Sign






Puerto Rican




Maggie Galan (mother)




Tasha- baby mama

Diamond Strawberry- ex-girlfriend

Teairra Marí- ex-girlfriend

Moe Money- fling

Amber Diamond- fling Mariahlynn- fling









Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and  Love & Hip Hop: New York


He was first seen in Truth and Love & Hip Hop: New York and The Whole Truth and Nothing But The


His first green screen was Bride and Prejudice and Love & Hip Hop: New York


He was last seen in Love & Hip Hop: The Love Edition










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