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The Dakota Boys

The Dakota Boys are back on Gold Rush. Why did they Leave Gold Rush? What happened to Dakota Boys?

The Dakota boys have appeared in some episodes of the Gold Rush Television show. The Dakota boys are composed of Fred Hurt who is the father and his son  Dustin Hurt. For the lovers of the television show Gold Rush, they might have noted that the Dakota Boys have not appeared in Season 5 of the show and nothing of it has been mentioned. Many questions have been asked concerning their tenure in the show. So, Let’s See what happened to the Dakota boys on Gold Rush. Why did they leave Gold Rush in the first place?

What happened to Dakota boys on Gold Rush? Why did they leave Gold Rush?

The Dakota boys have not appeared on some episodes of the show of late. They have left the show citing some issues between themselves and the management.

Although no official communication about the reason for the absence of Dakota boys from the show has been discussed by the management of Gold Rush, it appears there was disagreement between the Dakota boys and the management of the show. The duo left the show in what appears to be issues with pay. Although the management of the show has not confirmed this, the Facebook post by Fred Hurt speaks it all.

On his Facebook wall, Fred Hurt wrote

” I am not rich, but I am working class like most of you, after spending more on four years straight than I made, there was no way for me to continue but if you want a miner to call me, if you want an actor to pay me like one”.

This post drew a mixture of reaction on social media concerning the payment of the cast in Gold Rush.

why Dakota Boys left show Facebook post

Caption:- Why Dakota Boys left show Facebook post

The Dakota boys are back on gold rush new episode White Water

The Dakota boys are back. The duo is back in the show after quitting sometimes back in last year. In what appears to a move to iron out the issues that had earlier arisen between them and the management of Gold Rush, they recently reunited. This simply shows that they are officially on the show.

The Dakota boys are back in the show of the Gold Rush. But this time the show has totally a different blend altogether, and it is now referred to as Gold Rush White Water. In this episode, the Dakota boys have taken their mining into deep waters. They are now headed beneath the water surface in the new episode.

In their new episode, the duo has found a new location which is surrounded by whitewater and has enlisted some professional divers. No matter the risks involved the Dakota boys are willing to risk it all to get what they want. From the description, the show will be one of its kind.


Fred Hurt in his Facebook post has hinted that this new show will be shown on Friday 19th of next week. He acknowledges that the show will be different from the past episodes and has encouraged the fans to stay put and get prepare to get entertained. Well, it appears the Dakota boys are back and this time with a bang.

Short Bio on The Dakota Boys

Posted by Dakota Fred on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dakota boys are television personalities and actors composed of a father and his son. The Dakota boys’ father is called Fred Hurt. He has a son named Dustin Hurt whom they have appeared with his father in many television shows. Dakota Fred Hurt recently got married to Jennifer Sheets.

Fred Hurt was previously married to Lorrayne Frances Leier who passed away in 2015. His son Dustin Hurt also married sometimes back last year. Father and son are currently making an appearance in the new Gold Rush show called Gold Rush White Water.


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