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Diesel Brothers Net Worth

Diesel Brothers Net Worth: Know How Much Diesel Brothers Cast Make

The Diesel Brother’s reality show revolves around a real automotive shop named DieselSellerz in Woodscross, Utah. The Diesel Brothers are into customizing diesel trucks into a wonderful work of art. The Diesel Sellerz is a partnership business between Dave Spark, popularly called Heavy D, and Diesel Dave. As the business grew, and owing to the reputation for quality which they are known for, they hired two more diesel mechanics Josh Stewart, known as Red Beard and The Muscle.

Together the four of them co-host the Diesel Brothers show and putting together a strong market plan which involves giving away six-figure of a kind custom diesel trucks.

In August 2013, the Diesel Brothers gave out a custom diesel truck to their customer and ever since then, they have given out over 20 trucks, and at the same time grew Diesel brother’s business to include an online truck parts store, a company with a full-service custom truck building shop.

Diesel Brothers Cast Net Worth

The Diesel Brothers show started in 2012 when Dave ‘’Heavy D’’ obtained his dealership license and opened a small used car shop. Soon after that, he brought his best friend ‘’Diesel Dave’’ to join him. As the business was expanding and having built reputation for delivering quality cars, they hired two more diesel mechanics Josh Stewart, known as Red Beard and The Muscle and together with the four co-host the Tv show and they started fixing and selling all types of vehicles.

Know all about Diesel Sellerz aka Diesel Brothers

All Team of Diesel Sellerz aka Diesel Brothers

Source:-Toxic Diesel Performance

Diesel Dave Net Worth and Salary

Dave Kiley, also called Diesel Dave is Heavy D’s partner in Diesel Sellers shop and co-featured in the Diesel Brothers Tv show. Heavy D and Diesel Dave first met at a church program and unfortunately, what brought the two business partners together was diesel. Heavy D had put gas in his diesel truck that night, and Diesel Dave helped siphon it out, and right there, Diesel Brothers were born.

Diesel Dave's Net Worth wiki bio know all about Diesel Dave's

Diesel Dave’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Dave Kiley is estimated to have a high net worth of about $2 million. His net worth recently went high as a result of the success of the show.

Diesel Brothers Cast Heavy D Net Worth

Dave Sparks, popularly called Heavy D is the co-founder and owner of DieselSellerz. He is equally considered to be in-charge when it comes to the reality show. Both Heavy D and Dave have been friends for long and they were raised in a military family.

Heavy D and Dave once were on a two-year Mormon mission together in South America and Portugal when they were 19 and over the years, they have built a successful business empire.

Dave Sparks a.k.a Heavy D Net Worth

Dave Sparks a.k.a Heavy D has Net Worth of $ 2 Million

Dave Sparks is estimated to have a net worth of over $2 million, and so far, the business has given out over a dozen of customized diesel trucks.

Red Beard Net Worth

Josh Stewart aka Red Beard, could be best described as the Money Man on the Reality show. He is equally known for his negotiation skills and if you want to buy, build or design a custom truck, then Red Beard is the one you will be dealing with.

Net Worth of Josh Stewart aka Red Beard

Net Worth of Josh Stewart aka Red Beard is $500,000

Red Beard net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 and hopes it will grow further as the show grows too.

Diesel Brother Muscle Net Worth

Net Worth of Keaton Hoskins "The Muscle"

Net Worth of Keaton Hoskins “The Muscle” is $500,000

Keaton Hoskins, also known as The Muscle. He got the name as a fitness instructor before he joined the Diesel Brothers. The Muscle had met Diesel Dave when they were in the high school, and after his friend brought him an idea to join the crew and soon after that, The Muscle keyed into the team’s vision and ideology.

The Muscle has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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