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Dr.Lauren Thielen vet

Dr. Lauren Thielen vet Wiki-bio, Age, husband, married life. Also, Net Worth and Salary.

Dr. Lauren Thielen is known for “Dr. Ks exotic animal ER“, a reality television series which hit the screens on the Chanel Nat Geo wild in October 2014. As an intern, part of Doctor Susan Kelleher’s staff she is passionate about saving animal lives as she gains loads of experience in her career (veterinary medicine).

She works for hand in hand with the resident veterinarian, Santiago Diaz in treating exotic pets, teaching pet owners how to take care of their exotic pets and saving exotic animals who come through the door in pathetic conditions. She aims at getting certified in Avian medicine.

Is Doctor Lauren Thielen is Married? Or dating a boyfriend?

Looking at Dr. Lauren Thilen Vet’s Facebook profile, in 2014 she was in a dating relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Sean Samaniego.

Posted by Lauren Thielen on Sunday, May 25, 2014

But later things didn’t work out for her and her boyfriend Sean Samaniego which led to their break up. Now Sean is dating a new girl as seen on his Facebook profile, but Dr. Lauren Vet hasn’t revealed anything about her dating life and a new boyfriend.

It is hard to tell anything about Doctor Lauren Thielen’s married life and husbands. Looking at her personal profile on social media like facebook and twitter, we can only assume that she is single.

Or maybe Dr. Lauren likes her privacy. But the fact that she hasn’t posted any pictures of her husband or boyfriend anywhere, which most celebrities do, we can speculate her relationship being single and not married or dating yet.

Career and Education.

Dr. Lauren Thielen gained her high school education in fossil ridge, a high school located in the northeast, Fort worth Texas, class of 2005.

She later joined Midwestern state university for her undergraduate studies (Bachelor of science) where she graduated in 2009.

Posted by Lauren Thielen on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dr.Lauren Thielen is a graduate (class of 2013) in the college of veterinary medicine, Texas A&M University.

Her career in veterinary medicine, which she currently practices as an associate veterinarian at Broward Avia and exotic animal hospital, motivated by her passion for saving exotic animal lives.

Net worth and Salary.

Dr. Lauren Thielen brings in $70,000 annually as salary, which she earns from her work as an associate veterinarian at Broward Avia and exotic animal hospital.

Dr. Lauren Thielen’s estimated net worth is currently at $100,000-249,000, which she has accumulated periodically from her work as a veterinarian and also from acting the Dr.k’s exotic animal ER series.

Dr.Lauren Thielen's Net Worth is Around $249,000

Caption:- Dr.Lauren Thielen’s Net Worth is Around $249,000

She makes $20,000 salary and $1,500 per episode in the Nat Geo Wild channel’s series Dr.k’s exotic animal ER.

Wiki bio.

Dr. Lauren Thielen was Born on August 3, 1987, making her 30 years currently. She is a native of Fort Worth Texas and currently lives in Bradford Hills, New York where she moved in the year 2014. She is a Christian.

Dr. Lauren Thielen loves exotic animals with a passion and that motivated her to join Dr. K’s team at Broward avian and exotic animal hospital, where she works hand in hand with other veterinarians in saving lives of exotic animals who come in through the door excluding cats and dogs.

Dr. Lauren Thielen

Caption:- Dr. Lauren Thielen helping to treat a Goat

Source:- Twitter 

Dr. Lauren Thielen owns various pets, two rabbits, a parrot, and a cat whom she enjoys spending time with.

Her hobbies include jogging, climbing rocks, skiing and other outdoor adventures.

Dr. Lauren worked at Broward Avian and Exotic hospital in Deerfield Beach, Florida as an intern veterinarian in 2013-2014 where she practiced her career and gained loads of experience in the busy hospital.

She later worked at a Veterinary center for birds and exotics in Bedford Hills, New York, as a resident veterinarian from 2014-2016.

She currently works in Broward Avian, and exotic hospital in Deerfield beach Florida as an associate veterinarian

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