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Dr. Petra Mickova

Dr. Petra Mickova Wiki-Bio, Age of Dr. Jeff Young Wife.

Dr. Petra Mickova also known as Petra Young is a reality tv personality and wife of Dr. Jeff young, a cast of a reality tv program named “Dr. Jeff Young: Rocky Mountain Vet” Let’s find out more about Petra Mickova including her age, family in wiki bio.

Married life with Dr. Jeff Young.

Until 2016 no one knew her, Dr. Jeff never mentioned being married. And suddenly there she was helping Dr. Jeff treats sick animals. Many fans of the tv show were unknown about his new wife, all they knew was Dr. Jeff was divorced, man.

Information about how and when they got married isn’t revealed by the couple yet, so it is still a mystery. But according to some sources, they got married in 2014. She was the one taking care of Dr. Jeff while he was treated with cancer.

Although many people know her as Dr. Jeff wife, she is more than just a wife. She is one of the vets with vast experience and talent at the clinic. Dr. Petra is an expert with invaluable surgical skills, which has helped save the life of many animals.

Dr.Dr. Petra and Dr.Jeff Young treating a dog

Dr. Petra and Dr. Jeff Young Providing Proper Treatment for a dog


Their married life is mostly engaged in saving animals. Their clinic with 30 staffs, has more than 80,000 clients for whom the clinic performs around 30 surgeries every day.When they are not treating animals, they spend their good times above the clinic. Dr. Jeff puts a constant effort to keep his clients, staff, and patients happy and healthy.

When they are not treating animals, they spend good times above the clinic.

Dr. Petra Young Wikipedia-Bio: age, date of birth:

Dr. Petra is 48 years old as of writing this article. She was born in Czechoslovakia. But Information on her parents and other family member remains undisclosed.

She is married to Dr. Jeff Young. Her husband runs a clinic where they help animals in need. From cats to camel they save the animals and helps those in need.

Dr. Jeff & Dr. Petra Young Saving Animal Life

Dr. Jeff & wife Dr. Petra Young Saving Animal Life


Dr. Jeff and wife Dr. Petra Young has been appreciated by a lot of people for their work in saving animals. they are the living examples to prove the humanity still exists.


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