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Image of Eddie Van Halen Net worth. How rich is Eddie Van

Eddie Van Halen Net worth. How rich is Eddie Van?

When it comes to the musical art of guitar tapping, no one does it better than Eddie Van Halen. He is a Dutch musician, guitarist, songwriter, and producer whose musical influence has had a ripple effect in time. Since the early sixties, he was already making music history until now. With so many years of dedication, one may wonder just how much fortune he has managed to garner. So without much further ado, let’s have a look at Eddie Van Halen’s net worth and legacy.

Career info

Eddie Van Halen’s talents as a musician were revealed when he was in fourth grade working on music with his band, The Broken Combs. However, his fate was finally sealed in 1972 when the rockstar formed a rock band which included his brother on the drums and Mark Stone, a bass guitarist.

Like most bands, Van Halen had its fall out especially with disagreements between the band members. In particular, one of the newest addition to the group and lead singer, David Lee Roth. They parted ways after he helped create a total of six studio albums with the first released in 1978.

One exciting thing about it was that unlike The Beetles, the band didn’t break up. Instead, they sort out replacements which in turn, even propelled them upwards in the Billboard Charts. Eddie Van Halen’s legacy is his rank as the 8th in the list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists with several awards bestowed upon him.

Image of Songwriter, Eddie Van Halen

Songwriter, Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen Net worth.

What separates Eddie from the rest of the bands of musicians out there isn’t the style of music, but by how much they have made. Some may argue on this, but when you find out that Eddie Van Halen’s net worth as of 2018 stands at $100 million you may want to reconsider your stance.

Image of Musician, Eddie Van Halen net worth is $100 million

Musician, Eddie Van Halen net worth is $100 million

Most of his fortune is centred on the bands he formed. They produced over twelve studio albums after signing a record deal with the Warner Bros. Records. Their fame went on to build a succession of world tours and other works which also contributed to his net worth.

Short bio

Full Name Edward Lodewijk Van Halen
Age 63
Date of Birth January 26th, 1955
Place of Birth Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Profession Musician, guitarist, and songwriter
Net worth $100 million
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal
Wife Janie Liszewski
Kids Wolfgang Van Halen
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Zodiac sign Aquarius

The musician was born as Edward Van Halen on January 26th, 1955 in Amsterdam. Together with his brother, Alex inherited their father, Jan Van Halen’s musical talents. The whole family, including their mother, Eugenia moved to America where they raised their kids in Pasadena.

The first instrument to master was the classical piano then came the drums. However, when Eddie saw how bad his brother rocked the guitar, he jumped ship.

Fast forwarding, he found love with his first wife, Valerie Bertinelli who gave him his only son, Wolfgang. Their marriage ended in a divorce with the singer taking up a new wife in 2009 with the name Janie Liszewski.

Image of Eddie Van Halen with his wife Janie Liszewski

Eddie Van Halen with his wife, Janie Liszewski


Eddie Van Halen even at age 63 still makes the most of his career by recording and producing music. In turn, this reflects quite well on his $100 million net worth figure.

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