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Eivin Kilcher

Alaska The Last Frontier Eivin Kilcher Wiki, Net Worth, Mother, Age, Wife Eve Kilcher

Eivin Kilcher is one of the main lead actors of the reality show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. The show is about the life of the Kilcher family in the wilderness of Alaska. The family lives far from the cities and displays various skills and techniques necessary for survival in the jungle. Kilcher family members do not use any modern techniques and services such as plumbing and heating. Still, they survive in the wilderness even during the harsh winters. Here we will be looking at Eivin Kilcher Net Worth, age. Also, we have more information on his mother.

Eivin Kilcher Net Worth

The net worth of Eivin has always been a matter of speculations and rumors for the viewers of the show. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. That is very much for a person living in the wild without many modern facilities.

The chief source of income of his net worth is the reality show. ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ has been gaining viewers constantly since the day of its release. The public really loves the variety of skills displayed by the family members. He himself loves to hunt and go fishing.

Eivin Kilcher Wife Eve Kilcher

Eivin Kilcher is married to Eve. She also lives with him in his cabin in the jungle. They both have written a book on cooking together which have sold many copies. Many enthusiasts of survival skills have bought their book because it contains many recipes that can be made in the wilderness easily. The wife of Eivin, Eve, excels in growing vegetables. She has the ability and knowledge to grow large quantities of vegetables within a short span of time. The couple lives happily together and has two children.

Beautiful family picture of Eve Kilcher with her husband Eivin Kilcher, son and daughter

Caption: Eivin Kilcher with his beautiful wife Eve Kilcher and two children

His Mother Charlotte Kilcher and other family members

Eivin Kilcher is the son of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher. His parents have been married for over 20 years. He is one of the four sons of this couple. The other three are, August, Torrey, and Levi. Eivin and Levi are the stepsons of Otto and Charlotte. His mother was a vegetarian since the age of 13 but because of the situations, she also started eating chicken and other non-vegetarian foods. He also has an uncle named Atz Kilcher. The whole Kilcher family lives happily and faces the hardships and joys of nature together.

TV show's 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' characters Otto Kilcher and Charlotte Kilcher

Caption: Eivin Kilcher’s father Otto Kilcher and mother Charlotte Kilcher from TV show ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’

Source: Pinterest

Career in Alaskan the last frontier

‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ is one of the most successful reality shows on the Discovery Channel. He is one of the lead actors for the show and many times the story revolves around his life. The show is based on the life of him and his family so he always remains in the focus. Many people adore the character and personality that he has.

Caption: Video of  ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Meet the Kilcher Family Dogs

Wiki info, Age

Eivin Kilcher is 33 years of age. He was born on March 6, 1984. His ethnicity is white. Eivin Kilcher has a net worth of around $2 Million. He is a man with multiple hobbies including hunting, cooking and gathering. He also remains active on the social media through his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Eivin Kilcher Wiki page doesn’t exist.

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