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Image of Elena Moussa Wiki-Bio, Age, Facts about Greg Gutfeld Wife.

Elena Moussa Wiki-Bio, Age, Facts about Greg Gutfeld Wife.

We all know how it feels to be overshadowed by a more famous sibling, cousin or a friend. It is not a pleasant feeling and might sometimes even get the best of us to fall victim to it. For celebrities to it could be the same thing as spouses of stars like Elena Moussa who knows the feeling far too well.

Elena Moussa is the wife of famous host Greg Gutfeld from the FOX News Channel. Learn more about her life including her career and net worth. Learn essential facts from her married life regarding her husband and kids and more from his wiki-bio.

Elena Moussa’s Married life with Greg Gutfeld, Kids?

We all know about Elena Moussa’s husband Greg Gutfeld, or we can learn about him easily through his wiki-bio. Elena Moussa, on the other hand, is a hard person to learn about even though she is also a celebrity.

It must have something to do much with her stardom only being associated with relations to her husband, Greg Gutfeld. So let us focus on that first and even though Elena is not very sharing about her relationship or married life with husband, Greg Gutfeld.

Image of Elena Moussa with her husband Greg Gutfeld

Elena Moussa with her husband, Greg Gutfeld

They seem to be leading a perfectly good married life. They have no kids of their own for now, but they seem to be driving their married life healthily even without children. The couple had met and fell in love in London, UK.

Greg Gutfeld Wife Elena Moussa net worth, career, and profession

We all know her as the wife of Greg Gutfeld, the host of FOX News’s ‘Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.’ What we don’t know is that she has her career as a fashion designer and a social media personality. She moved from her home country Russia to London to pursue her career and currently owns a clothing line called the Moussa Project. Greg Gutfeld’s wife Elena Moussa has also recently started to branch out through social media. She opened her Twitter account in June 2011, and it already has over 2000 followers. Her Instagram page also has 7.6k followers. She has made quite a few accomplishments in her career that are noteworthy, and that may be the reason she has earned quite a large amount of net worth in such a short career span. Elena Moussa’s net worth is estimated to be in a range of 1 to 2 million dollars. Her net worth is a fantastic amount that is the result of her hard work and determination in her career.

Image of Journalist, Elena Moussa net worth is $2 million

Journalist, Elena Moussa net worth is $2 million


Famous Greg Gutfeld’s wife Elena Moussa is incredibly secretive of her personal life and has not made any attempts of speaking publicly about her early life or background. All we know is that she was born in Russia and only later moved to London, UK where she met her husband and eventually to New York City, New York, the USA where she currently resides happily along with her husband. The wife of the ‘Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld’ is so secretive about her past that we even do not have information on her parents. Hopefully, Elena Moussa keeps succeeding in her career until we can know more about her.

Greg Gutfeld’s Wife, Elena Moussa’s Wiki-bio

Greg Gutfeld wife Elena Moussa was born on 4th May 1982 in Russia. She is currently 36 years of age and is married to her husband, Greg Gutfeld who is presently 54 years of age. She is a very successful fashion designer and social media personality, but she is most famous for being the wife of Greg Gutfeld who is the host of ‘Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld’ alongside Bill Schulz who was also a former contributor for ‘The Huffington Post.’ So not much is known about Elena other than that but her husband Greg Gutfeld who was born in 1964, on 12th September in San Mateo, California, USA. He graduated from University of California in Berkley in 1987 with Bachelors in Arts Degree. He is a famous satirist and humorist who has taken on multiple platforms as a TV personality, editor, producer, author, and blogger. Elena and her husband reside in New York City currently as of 2018.

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