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Faye Chrisley's Net Worth, age, death, cancer, Wikipedia bio of Todd Chrisley’s mother

Faye Chrisley Net Worth, age, death, cancer, Wikipedia bio of Todd Chrisley’s mother

It takes a certain type of unique character to remain relevant as a celebrity. Musicians always have to come up with hit songs while reality stars, get to be themselves and still make millions worth of cash. Take the case famous TV personality Faye Chrisley profound on the show, Chrisley Knows Best on the USA Network. Todd Chrisley’s mother doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet but deserves one. We give you the second best thing and highlight her life, net worth, age and so much more.

Faye Chrisley Net worth Is $500,000.

Faye Chrisley has an estimated net worth of roughly $500 thousand. A huge chunk of it comes from her career in front of the camera on the show Chrisley knows best. The show began in 2014 and has currently reached the heights of producing six seasons and counting.

She did have a life before she ventured into show business. In as much as she never cares to admit, she survived all this while, raised her family and gave her kids a decent education. We still know how much money the star makes off the show.

A good guess is that she makes a ton of money. But not much to help her pay for the mortgage. We’ll highlight that bit below.

Faye Chrisley's net worth

Death, Did Faye Chrisley have cancer?

The blame game has always been a vicious cycle to get out of consequences. Many time, the internet has been blamed for not only starting up rumors but also fueling them. The Chrisley Knows Best star’s mom Faye Chrisley fell a victim of one such rumor. The internet killed her!

In an episode on the show, grandma Faye felt a lump on her breast and asked her daughter-in-law Julie on the matter. With the current breast cancer awareness levels, she persuaded her to have it checked by the doctors. Here is where it gets interesting. Julie went ahead and told her husband about it before consulting with the doctor for the mammogram results.

Everyone’s face was struck with fear as they waited and hoped for the best. True enough, the results came back negative with a wave of relief sweeping the family. We don’t know whether it was a script to boost their ratings but the internet quickly picked up on that and ‘killed’ her. You did that on your own Julie.

Age:  How old is Faye Chrisley.

Ever sit around a campfire and reminisce about the good old memories? I bet the Chrisley family talks about the day when Julie gave everyone a scare about Faye’s alleged cancer diagnosis. All this took place in 2016.

Many on the internet who thought she was dead should be mesmerized by now. Others have made light remarks to call her a cancer survivor. The reality TV star is very much alive and healthy for that matter. She was 73 when she the cancer rumor started and is currently turning 75 on September 2nd.

Faye Chrisley is 75 years old.

Her husband, married life, and kids.

The reality star met and fell in love with a war veteran named Gene Raymond Chrisley. He served in the battled front against the Korean army and came out alive. Together with his rejuvenated life source, the duo had three sons together, Todd Chrisley and Randy and Derrick Chrisley who died young.

Faye Chrisley with her Husband Gene Raymond Chrisley

The current mother of two hasn’t been generous enough to share the information concerning her wedding occasion. Their sons carried on their dream to build a legacy we all know and love today. Currently, she is a grandmother to a huge family of 11. It is sad that Gene didn’t get to be a part of the new generation of the Chrisley’s for long as he died on July 12th, 2012

Momma Bear Kicked out of her home.

Children are the wave. It’s always nice to enjoy the retirement life as your kids take care of you. Momma bear through life’s woes were all in her past owing to her son’s newfound success only to be evicted from her home. This came after he failed to pay for her mortgage home. Todd may be rolling in money on the show, but in the real sense, he is up to his neck in debt.

Faye Chrisley with her son Todd Chrisley

Faye Chrisley Wikipedia-bio

Name Faye Chrisley
Age 74
Date of Birth September 2nd, 1943
Place of Birth South Carolina
Profession TV personality
Net worth $500 thousand
Spouse Gene Raymond Chrisley died.2012
Kids 2
Height Unknown

The USA Network star is American by birth as sources dictate that she was born and brought up in South Carolina where her parents hailed.  Specifically, she was ushered into the world on September 2nd, 1943. Not much of her life in diapers is known. Neither are her teenage years. Her educational background is currently under scrutiny as well. She plays Nanny and mostly loves to gamble.


The elderly always loves to play games in their retirement homes. Faye Chrisley, even in her old age doesn’t just play Bingo; she plays to win money. Hopefully one day we’ll read all about her net worth and life’s work in her Wikipedia page.

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