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Known as one of the highest paid pastors, Franklin Graham is an American Christian evangelist and a missionary who is known as the man of God by a lot of people because of his services towards Christianity. A lot of people raise their eyebrows when they get to hear the salary and net worth of Graham.

There have also been questions about Franklin being one of the richest pastors and he also made a lot of noise during the Iraq invasion as well and in the recent past, his speeches about expressing towards Donald Trump being the right candidate, as chosen by God brought him a lot of popularity.

Franklin Graham with President Donald Trump increasing his popularity

Caption: Franklin Graham and President Donald Trump

Source: Twitter

So there were even questions about him being a pastor or a political person Franklin has been working with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and he is also part of the Samaritan’s purse which is an International Christian relief organization.

Franklin is married to Jane Austin Cunningham of Smithfield and they have 4 kids together. His daughter, Jane Austin Graham Lynch has been married to Corey Lynch, the former National Football League Safety.

Franklin Graham and wife Jane Austin Cunningham seen happy together

Caption: Franklin Graham with wife Jane Austin Cunningham

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Graham and his wife are proud grandparents of eleven grandchildren and that’s amazing, isn’t it? Looks like his wife, Jane has been a continuous support for him to be a missionary and pastor throughout his life.

What is Graham’s net worth and salary?

There are a lot of rumors running around his salary it is said that his annual compensation is around dollar $880,000 and looks like that’s real money for a missionary.

Looks like these are the benefits you reap when you are a son of an influential evangelist. Graham is the son of a renowned evangelist Billy Graham and there was also news he makes profits from the Samaritan’s Purse charity organization as well. With all his house and assets, His net worth is around $3 Million.

Franklin Graham with his businessman father Billy Graham

Caption: Franklin Graham and his father Billy Graham

Source: Huffington Post

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There have been a lot of gossips about both Billy and Graham owning a lot of properties in the names of the charity organization which would make them look less rich on paper and this looks like an old film trick, isn’t it?

Graham committed himself to Christianity at very young age.

At the age of 22, Graham was completely committed to Jesus and he said that he would serve as a missionary throughout his life. Ever since then he has been committed to his work and has been a successful pastor and evangelist.

Since his dad was already in evangelist it gave a great scope for Franklin to become a pastor. He was continuously being mentored by a couple of senior members of the Billy Graham team. These men worked with Billy Graham and they always had a desire to affect the lives of the society positively and that made a pretty much impact on young Graham too.

There was also data that was collected in the year 2014 that said that Graham was one of the highest paid Samaritan’s Purse employees.

Samaritan’s Purse employee Franklin Graham donating Shoe Boxes in Operation Christmas Child

Caption: Franklin Graham in Operation Christmas Child donating Samaritans Shoe box to children

Source: Samaritan’s Purse

Did you know about the controversies of Graham, the famous Pastor?

Graham has been always under a lot of controversies for calling the Islam religion as wicked and evil and he also underwent a lot of controversies when he preached at Good Friday in Pentagon.

He has always been against Islam and this is pretty evident from a lot of interviews and reports in the past. Below is the video of him being interviewed by a CNN reporter, where he repeatedly said that Islam is an evil religion.

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He is known to have criticized a lot of other religions as well he has even spoken about Hinduism and he has been criticized a lot. Looks like the man loves controversies, isn’t it?

He made big news when Donald Trump won the elections; his comment about Donald Trump winning the elections was the talk of the town. He said that God did show up during the elections and that’s the reason why Donald Trump got elected and let’s see what other controversies Graham would invite for himself.

Short Bio

Born in Asheville, North Carolina to Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Franklin, Graham is the fourth of the five children Graham completed his school in the Stony Brook, a Christian Private school in the Long Island, New York and he finished his High School from North Carolina. Looks like, the boy was drawn towards Christianity from a very young age.

Isn’t it strange that the pastor now was expelled once from a college because of keeping a female classmate out past curfew? Yes, Franklin Graham was expelled out of his college in the year 1971and later he attended the Letourneau College in Longview Texas.

In 1970 he earned a degree from the Montreal Anderson College and in 1978 he got his BA from Appalachian State University.


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