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Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve

Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve Wife, Age, Net Worth in Wiki Biography.

Glenn Villeneuve is an American reality actor who has appeared in the show of Life below Zero. He is a hunter who lives lonely in the neighborhood of Alaska. The show portrays Glenn Villeneuve in adverse climatic conditions which are heartbreaking and how he maintains himself with another cast in the ice of Alaska. Know more about Glenn’s Wife, married life, Net worth in Wiki type biography.

Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve is married to wife Trisha Kazan

He has been married twice. Little is known about his first wife whom they divorced immediately after the birth of their second born daughter. The identity of Glenn Villeneuve’s first wife has remained a mystery up to date.

After divorce with his first wife, he found love in Trisha Kazan who had a daughter from her past relationship. Glenn dated her for sometime before finally settling with her.

Trisha Kazan moved in with him shortly after and she has given birth to a baby girl, Agatha Villeneuve with Glenn. More about Trisha Kazan remains a mystery as far as her past, place of birth and family is a concern.

Glenn Villeneuve with his Wife Trisha Kazan and Kids

Caption:- Glenn Villeneuve with his Wife Trisha Kazan and Kids

Glenn Villeneuve’s Past Married Life and Divorce. Meet his Ex-Wife.

He is a professional hunter. Prior to living a lonely life in the woods of Alaska,  he was a married man. Though the name of his first wife remains unknown, Glenn Villeneuve even had children in his first marriage before they divorced. What led to divorce is unknown but maybe differences that usually arise in marriage.

Glenn with his first wife had two children together. The firstborn is named Willow Leaves and a daughter Wolf Song. Sources have confirmed that differences between him and his first wife brewed immediately after the birth of their daughter Wolf, the differences escalated leading to divorce sometime later.  He spent considerable amount of time with all his children

After the break up with his first wife, Glenn took a considerable amount of time before settling into a relationship. He later dated Trisha Kazan and subsequently married her. He and his  Trisha Kazan have a daughter named Amelia from her previous relationship, and she has given birth to a daughter.

Net Worth.

Glenn Villeneuve is a funny man.  Despite him leading a lonely life in the wilderness, it is quite imperative to note that Glenn did not attend any school and had spent most of his life hunting.

His net worth can only, therefore, be slated from the time he appeared in the show of Beyond Zero. Although his net worth remains undisclosed, he is not that rich, and his net worth is still low.


Considering the fact that Glenn did not attend any school, his career has also been on how to fend for himself. He has lived in the woods of Alaska for quite some time as he has often like staying alone.


He is a professional hunter, having been a hunter since his childhood. He has been fending for himself and his family through hunting.

He first made a real paying career on television when he appeared alongside another cast in the show of Below Zero. It is in the show that he made a real public appearance.  He has appeared in some episodes, and his acting is superb.

Wiki Bio

Glenn Villeneuve was born on18thAugust 1989. He is an American television actor who has appeared in the show of Beyond Zero. He never attended any school and had spent many of this year’s hunting. He is currently married and has four children and currently living in Alaska together.


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