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Rick Ness

Gold Rush Rick Ness Net Worth. also his age band in wiki type bio

Rick ness is best known for his role in the reality tv gold rush. In the show, Rick plays as a gold miner as well as an excavator. At a young age, Rick had a passion for being a football player, he even played for his college team.

However, this dream was short lived when Rick ness got an injury causing him to fully let go his dream. He then moved on to playing bass and Ben later on formed a band “357 stringed bands”. It was during his tours with the band that he met Parker Schnabel one of the gold rush cast members. Rick Ness express his interest in the show and months later he was invited to join the show.

Rick ness Gold rush and source of income.

Net worth $400000.
Rick’s net worth is as a result of his musical career and his cast in the Gold rush show. Rick musical career began in 2004 as a result of his love for bass. Before getting to the music he was a football playing for his college team. He got an injury which killed his football dream. In 2004 he formed the group 357 stringed band with 4 other members. In 7 years the group managed to sell 3 albums and tour more than 10 countries. It was during their tour to South East Alaskan State that he met Parker Schnabel. Rick expressed his interest in the gold rush show. Nine months later Parker called him inviting him to the show.

Rick Ness's net worth is $400000

Rick Ness’s net worth is amazing

How he started his career in Gold Rush.

Rick was cast in the gold rush show as from the third season. The show is currently in its seventh season. The gold rush is a reality show airing on discovery channel. It shows the lives of miners facing a various challenge in their pursuit of gold. While joining the show Rick had no experience in mining other than the fact that his family owning a commercial construction company.

It was his experience in driving heavy machinery from their construction company that eased his task as an excavator in the show. Through hard show and his great resilience, he managed to rise up to the position of Parker’s foreman.

As a foreman, Rick has managed to take the team through a very challenging season bringing in the highest gold this year. It’s believed that he will be working alongside Parker in the next season.

Reality Show "Gold Rush" cast Rick Ness working with members

Rick Ness member of reality TV show “Gold Rush”

Source: Twitter

He has a Musical Band

357 stringed band is a rock band that began 2004 comprising of 5 members :
 Derek Dunn. Guitar/vocals
 Joseph Huber. Banjo/Fiddle/vocals
 Jayke Orvis. Mandolin/vocals
 Billy Cook Mandolin/ dobro/vocals
 Rick Ness. upright Bass
The band was designed to use an only stringed instrument in all their performances. They not specialized on a single genre but played a variety of other genres sharing stages with some of the best bands and artists. Some of the bands include Old Crow, Medicine Show, and Black Diamond.

In seven years the band released 3 of their best albums including Ghost town, Fire, and Hail and Lightning from the North. In their first album they in a collaborated artist such as Lonesome Wyatt in These poor bastards, Rebecca Monthe in the tosser.

After 7 years of the existent, in 2012 the band decided to go their separate ways. Each artist moved on to perform on his own and continue with their tours under their own names.

Short Bio and Age.

Name Rick Ness
Birthday /age March 5th 1981 (37)
Birth place Milwaukee WI
Occupation Gold miner/ Excavator
Musical Band 357 stringed band

Despite being born in Milwaukee WI Rick grew up in Michigan where he developed an interest in Football and playing bass. His grandfather owned a construction family which enabled him to gain experience in handling heavy machinery thus giving him an upper hand when he ventured into the Gold rush as an excavator.

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