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Josh Gates & His Wife Hallie Gnatovich on jeep adventure

Meet Hallie Gnatovich: Josh Gates wife. They have a son together.

Hallie Gnatovich may now be on the rise as far as being well known, but most of that is due to her current husband, Joshua Gates. Previous to this couple’s nuptials. However, Gnatovich was not causing much commotion among the magazines and gossip columns.

Joshua Gates has been married to wife Hallie Gnatovich since 2014. They were co-stars before getting married.

These two lovebirds met on the reality tv show “Discovery Truth” on which Joshua Gates was the host and Hallie was a researcher. They dated for years, and on September 13, 2014, they were married making the newly married wife’s current title “Hallie Gnatovich-Gates”! The wedding was at the Hidden Pond resort in Kennebunkport, Maine.

 Joshua Gates and Hallie welcomed A baby boy in 2016

”Secrets of Columbus” proved to be a very special episode of Travel Channel’s Discovery Truth. In this exclusive episode, the show’s production team and millions of viewers tuned in to what happened to be an extremely candid moment for the Gates’ couple.

Hallie Gnatovich made a call via satellite to Joshua Gates revealing to him that he was going to be a father. His emotional reaction was heartwarming. Following the airing of that episode he took to his Twitter and posted a photo of a baby onesie with the adorable caption, “My greatest #Expedition is about to begin”.

Josh Gates and His Son

                                   Josh Gates and His Son


On February 12, 2016, at 1:55 Gnatovich and Gates welcomed their newest addition to the family, precious baby boy Owen Gate. The little cutie came In weighing about 7 pounds, 6 ounces and was 20.5 inches long as fans learned from a post-Josh made to his Facebook page shortly after the littlest Gates arrival.

 Hallie Gnatovich Biography.

Hallie Gnatovich-Gates is a marriage and family therapist in LA, working with clients mostly in the entertainment industry. She also appeared in the short movie Archer House.

In the show Discovery Truth, Star Hallie Gnatovich’s presence was, um… let’s just say… slightly less known of making a noteworthy impact. I realized do run the risk of coming off condescending but I cannot help but point it out (And a majority of us can probably agree), the star that comes to mind when we think of Discovery Truth; (Even those who are just of the bare minimum in familiarity with the show), was not likely Hallie Gnatovich.

Josh Gates Is Assisting Hallie Gnatovich While Riding Elephant ,

Josh Gates Is Assisting Hallie Gnatovich While Riding Elephant 

Source: www.americas-most-haunted.com

Although none of that was any of her faults that we know of. Still, during her time on the show, Miss Gnatovich attributed to a very little buzz of her own. But wait just a minute! It was that show where she met her current husband. Surely, there is no need to fashion some pity party to commemorate this reality show star. She now has more upbeat reasons to party.

Being the current wife of that fore-mentioned male star and Discovery Truth co-star Joshua Gates and not to mention, (Even though I am still going to say) she is a mother of the celeb’s son. No doubt this just has to be a much better cause for celebration…by far. Now that these two former co-stars are married, you can be sure that there is a lot of people, especially fans out there wanting to know just who exactly this pretty lady on Joshua Gates arm is. Well,…that happens to be Hallie Gnatovich.

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