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Amy Bruni

Is Amy Bruni married to a husband?Her net worth, wiki, age, bio

Amy Bruni was raised in a haunted house with her free thinking family. She was never taught to fear ghosts, but try to understand them. After spending years in a health insurance industry, she decided to follow her dream. She dreamed to understand paranormal activities which lead her to become a producer of a reality show Ghost Hunters.

Amy Bruni married life and husband. Or is she dating a boyfriend?

Amy Bruni experienced her Motherhood when she turned 36. She gave birth to her first child, Charlotte, on October 11, 2012. Father of her baby is her boyfriend, Jimmy.

Daddy's Love: Beautiful picture of Jimmy holding his first child daugther

Amy Bruni’s husband Jimmy and their first daughter Charlotte

But unfortunately, they never turned into husband and wife. She is never open to speaking on her relationship but she was always ready to speak on her motherhood. On last May 2017, she announced her second pregnancy in the last season of a ghost hunter. She has continued to work through her pregnancy.

She did encounter one experience when she walked off the investigation due to concerns for her baby’s health, she’s made investigation haunted locations while pregnant look easy. Amy Bruni has previously indicated that she will be taking time off to spend with the baby, but don’t expect to see her missing on the show ghost hunter. But she is actually spending time with her baby Charlotte and Mr. X.

Beautiful Picture: Amy Bruni hugging her daughter Charlotte

Amy Bruni enjoying quality time with her beautiful daughter Charlotte

As of now, it appears the couple is happy to have a bundle of joy. Marriage and loving husband are a desire of every girl but Amy is a free mind girl who had relationships but never married. She had her own reality show so, she never felt the importance to have a husband in her life.She had enough income to raise her children, she never felt the need of husband in her life.  She wrote in her blog that her daughter Charlotte has a dad and they have been living a happy life. Here is her exact post.

Just to bring you up to speed. Charlotte has a Dad. He’s awesome. We’re a super happy, loving family. We do lots of fun things together!

This sounded like she is married to a husband, but she didn’t reveal anything about being married so they must be in a living together relationship.

For those fans asking about why her husband isn’t in any of the pictures, she replied

He’s also camera shy. So sometimes, we’re doing super fun things – and he just isn’t in the photos. Plus, he has a normal 9-5 job, so he can’t just pick up and gallivant all over the country with me, (which is my job, thanks to TV and Strange Escapes.) You’ll find pictures of him if you dig into my Facebook or Instagram photos or use that pesky google thing, (try “amy bruni baby daddy” that seems to be a favorite search term.)

Amy Bruni net worth

Amy Bruni is a successful TV star and has earn lot of love from her fans in these 9 years. Her net income is $700 thousand. She stands on 5th position among the ghost hunters, after Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Dave Tango, and Steve Gonsalves. Ghost hunters earn in million. Jason Hawes stands in 1st with net worth $ 1.5 millions, Grant Wilson stands in 2nd position with $1.1 million, Dave Tango stands in 3rd position with $1 million, Steve Gonsalves stands in 4thwith $200 thousand.

Amy Bruni wiki, age, birthday

41 years old Amy Bruni was born on 10th of July 1976 in Sacramento, CA. She is a reality TV star who is best known for her stint on Syfy’s Ghost Hunter from 2008. She gave her first appearance on a reality show with paranormal investigator and her co-star Adam Berry on the TV show Ghost Hunters. A part from that she was a producer for Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. She has over 190000 followers on twitter and over 60000 followers on Instagram.

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