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Jacqueline Walters

Jacqueline Walters Net Worth: Age, Husband Wiki-bio

Her strong character is what astonishes many. She has a heart of gold that has undergone some of the hardest experiences that life can offer, from heartbreaks to overcoming cancer twice. The lady I am talking about is none other than Married to Medicine’s Jacqueline Walters. This article will tell you more about this medical professional who is known for her declared respect for her patients. Read to know about her husband, age, wiki-bio, and much more.

Jacqueline Walters Married Life. Husband Cheated Her

Many times, good attracts evil. Jacqueline’s cheating husband is a good proof of this assertion. Jacqueline is married to Curtis Berry. Her husband cheated on her, and this subject became a matter she could not keep away from the public. This was after a photo of him, and the mistress went viral on different web pages.

Well, the mistress later said that she had no idea that Berry was married but it was too late because their photos together had already made many rounds on the internet and caused irreversible damage. Walters says that she did not intend to have the issue discussed publicly.

Jacqueline Walters and her Husband Curtis Berry

Caption:- Jacqueline Walters and her Husband Curtis Berry

Source:- Facebook

Clearly, her husband’s infidelity took a toll on her. The couple is trying to talk things out in a bid to fix the marriage. We wish them all the best, but as she says it, forgiveness is a journey.

Net Worth

Jackie is a popular OBGYN doctor who has worked with famous celebrity musicians like Usher and Toni Braxton. To mold her into the respectable doctor that she is, Jackie attended Alcon State University, then Mississippi medical school and later Mercy University.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters has a net worth of $3 million to her name. She makes this income from her appearance in the Married to Medicine reality TV show and other proceeds from her firm, and her practice.

The main source of income to add in her net worth is her business and the salary of $200,000 per episode she receives from the show.

Married To Medicine Jacqueline Walters's Net Worth is $3 Million

Caption:- Married To Medicine Jacqueline Walters’s Net Worth is $3 Million


Her first family can be traced in Mississippi; this is where she was born and spent her childhood. As of now, Jacqueline has a daughter; her name is Melissa K. McGowan. She is very attached to her; she was probably the ideal crying shoulder for her when Curtis betrayed her trust. Melissa is married. It is also alleged that Curtis has a daughter named Kursten but Dr. Jackie loves and takes care of her as if she is her own.

Wiki and Biography

Jacqueline Walters is an Afro-American. She was born on July 27th, 1958 in Mississippi, which makes her 58 years old of age as of the time of writing this article. Her childhood days were also spent there. She is a doctor and is currently sparing all the time she can afford to help her charity organization.

It is something that is working out right for her as it sort of distracts her and allows her time to heal and forget the infidelity of her husband.

Jacqueline Walters says that her husband does not necessarily understand her reasons for her charity works, but she has survived cancer twice, so she knows better than anyone what it is like to be in need of support, be it financial or emotional. She is known for her voice in the breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Her Wiki Info

Name:  Jacqueline Walters
Date of birth:  27th July 1958
Place of birth:  Mississippi
Occupation: Doctor, TV personality
Spouse:  Curtis Berry
Children Melissa K. McGowan
Net worth: $3Million
Place of residence: North Atlanta
TV show: Married to Medicine

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