Jeff Probst’s Married life & Relationship History Before Lisa Ann Russell.

Jeff Probst is probably known best for hosting the competitive reality series, Survivor. While he guided the contestants on an epic journey to collect $1 million as prize money, the TV host was also on his quest to find love. It’s got twists and turns, shocking revelations and few bumps along the way. So let’s talk about his married life with his current wife, Lisa Ann Russell as well as his past relationships.

Jeff Probst’s Married life and divorce from First Wife, Shelly Wright. Kids?

The Survivor series premiered in the US on CBS in the year, 2000 – long after the TV star had already found love. Jeff’s reputation and success are mostly attributed to the TV series, and as such, much of his life predating the show is unknown. He is not one to talk about it either.

However, we do know Jeff Probst was already married to his wife, Shelly Wright. The couple like any other, underwent a courtship period, a proposal and finally the wedding festivities which got marked in the year 1996.

Image of Jeff Probst's first wife Shelly Wright.

Jeff Probst’s first wife, Shelly Wright.

However, the twosome finally got to Splitsville with a divorce finalized in the year 2001. Both parties were shy about commenting about the matter with reasons for their divorce swept under the rug. Shelly works as a psychotherapist in Tennessee and has since disappeared from the limelight.

Her celebrity marriage to Jeff was her front step ticket to stardom. Once that ship sailed, she reverted to a normal life. The couple had kids of their own but owned a dog who was a mixed breed of a Jack Russell and whippet.

Jeff Probst was in a relationship with Julie Berry after Divorce from First Wife Shelly Wright. Kids? When and why did they split?

The Survivor host survived electrocution by a fence as well as a jellyfish attack both on his nether regions while on set. Heartbreak was the least of his worries. After going through a rough patch for a couple of years, he found love with one of the contestants, Julie Berry.

It started as harmless fun during Survivor Vanuatu when she got spotted with a fake heart-like tattoo with the name Survivor host Jeff Probst. Fans of their show were quick to pick it up with rumors of them dating surfacing. However, the truth of the matter is, Jeff contacted her long after they wrapped up the show and they began dating in 2004.

Image of Jeff Probst's dating with Julie Berry after Divorce from First Wife Shelly Wright

Jeff Probst’s dating with Julie Berry after Divorce from First Wife Shelly Wright

Their relationship, for the most part, went on great for years. Jeff Probst and Julie Berry would talk about each other on interviews and how they complete each other. Probst had fallen for her, her family and her entire presence to the extent she moved over to his place in Hollywood Hills.

However, like most relationships there’s too was subject to a lot of criticism. There already existed their host-contestant rumor as well as the looming 20-year age difference. Nevertheless, their relationship met its end in 2008 with undisclosed reasons.

Jeff Probst is currently Married to Wife Lisa Ann Russell Since 2011. Kids?

After much time off the dating wagon, Probst resurfaced yet again with his relationship to Lisa Ann Russell. She is a former model and the ex-wife of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a famous Hollywood actor. Lisa and Mark spent 14 years together from 1996 until the onset of their divorce in 2010.

Jeff and Lisa recited their vows on December 5th, 2011 in a colorful private wedding held in Los Angeles surrounded by close friends and family. The highlight of the wedding was Lisa’s two adorable kids named Michael Charles and Ava Lorenn.

Image of Jeff Probst's with his wife Lisa Ann Russell

Jeff Probst’s with his wife Lisa Ann Russell

Jeff Probst and Wife Lisa Ann Russell don’t have kids together, and both seem to be just fine with it. They probably talked about it and decided to focus on the already existing kids. The TV host loves them as just as much as their real dad and has been spotted multiple times spending quality time with them. It’s been seven years since they got married and so far so good. It looks like Lisa is Jeff’s longest-running partner and with a little bit of love, they could go a long way in surpassing her former marriage.


It looks like Jeff Probst finally completed his quest for love when he met and married his wife, Lisa. His past relationships are history and learning cards he will take to his grave.

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