Joe Buck is married to wife Michelle Beisner after ex-wife Ann Buck. Meet his daughter

There is a myriad of ways to describe Joe Buck. While others call him a top sportscaster, others would refer to him as an award-winning celebrity, best actor and even a film producer. Am not so sure of what you call him, but along with the titles that you give him, Joe Bucks is a family man.

Years back news rented the air that he has a wife, but the two suddenly got divorced. Whether these tales are true or just false is a matter of completing the article below which entails Joe Buck’s wife, ex-wife, children and, marriage life in general.

His married life and divorce from ex-wife Ann Archambault-Buck.

Until 2011, Joe Buck’s wife was Ann Archambault-Buck. The celebrity did a fantastic job in keeping the information about his ex-wife a secret while they were still together. Or could it be that his ex-wife preferred it that way? We don’t know, but in a way, this tells you that apart from the stunning photo of Joe Buck’s ex-wife that indicate she is incredibly beautiful, there is no other information about the queen’s personal life.

Image of Joe Buck with his ex-wife Ann Archambault-Buck

Joe Buck with his ex-wife Ann Archambault-Buck

Apparently, this is not the only detail that the then-couple kept out of the media and the general public but the details about their met up and dating period as well. However, credible sources reveal that the two had been dating for some time before they decided to tie the knot on 23rd January 1993.

You must now be wondering what would make a couple separate after 17 years of marriage right? You are not alone because everyone including us is left in the dark concerning this matter but come to think of it; it cannot be anything light. As of now, the lady is living her single life away from the celebrity. Question is, is Joe Buck doing the same? Let’s find out.

Joe Buck Is Currently Married To Wife Michelle Beisner-Buck.

After divorcing his wife Ann Archambault in 2011, the sports journalist took a couple of months or maybe a year before beginning a relationship with one Michelle Beisner. She is better described as Bronco’s cheerleader. Do you remember the Super Bowl XLVII that occurred in New Orleans? Well, this was where the queen and the star came to know one another. The depth of their relationship was proven on the 12th day of April 2014 after the duo decided to exchange vows. You are hence safe to refer Michelle Beisner as Joe Buck’s wife.

Image of Joe Buck with his wife Michelle Beisner-Buck

Joe Buck with his wife Michelle Beisner-Buck

Joe Buck’s marriage (second marriage) took place in Mexico. The wedding was a private one because we are yet to know of the top people that were in attendance. However, from one of the photos of the wedding, we can confirm that the wedding was colorful and Troy Aikman was in attendance. Currently, Joe Buck’s wife Michelle Beisner-Buck seems to be enjoying a perfect married life with the star because there are no dramas reported. As the newscaster’s loyal fans, we hope that this time around, his marriage works out well till the very end.

His children: Joe Bucks has two daughters Trudy Buck and Natalie Buck.

If your math game is high, you understand that Joe Buck has been in the marriage for around 20 years now. But doesn’t he have children of his own? Well, Joe Buck’s marriage with Ann Archambault was a long one and full of love until that fateful day. In those 17 years the couple was together, Joe Buck’s ex-wife was able to bless the star with two children.

Image of Joe Buck with his two daughters Trudy Buck and Natalie Buck

Joe Buck with his two daughters Trudy Buck and Natalie Buck

Joe Buck’s children from his first marriage are Natalie Buck (daughter) and Trudy Buck (son). Sadly, we cannot author much about Joe Buck’s second child Trudy Buck. When it comes to his daughter Natalie Buck, she is a little beauty with brains and nothing less than her father and grandfather. This is because Joe Buck’s daughter is already in the broadcasting industry because in 2015, she interned at KTVI.

Michelle Beisner, Joe Buck’s wife Michelle Beisner presently, is yet to bless the star with children. However, there is nothing wrong with the lady because their marriage is barely four years and she may not be ready to be a mother. Nonetheless, we hope to sooner rather than later; we will hear of Joe Buck’s wife pregnancy and children.

Quick Facts about Joe Buck Marriage

Name Joe Buck
Career Journalist
Marriage 23.01.1993-Married Ann Archambault

2011-Divorced Ann Archambault

12.04.2014- Married Michelle Beisner

Children 2( Natalie and Trudy Buck)

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