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Raymond Huger, Karen Huger's husband

Karen Huger’s husband Raymon Huger age, net worth, Bio

The husband of the beautiful and uniquely attractive Karen Huger is Raymond Huger. Most of us know him from his appearance on the live reality show The Housewives of Potomac where he is introduced as the husband of the Karen Huger. With the couple gaining popularity after Raymond and Karen decided to unveil their new nine-bedroom house, there have been lots of questions about Raymond Huger.

Age: How Old is Raymon Huger?

Karen Huger is 54 years old. While her husband Raymond Huger is in his 60s. Despite some age gap, the couple has been happily married for 20 years now.

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Net worth

Karen Huger’s husband Raymond Huger is a multi-millionaire and Chief Executive Officer of Cheyenne Resources Incorporated since 2004. Furthermore, he is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paradigm Solutions International. He co-founded and served as the first Chief Executive Officer of Paradigm Holdings incorporated before its merger with Paradigm Solutions.

Raymond Huger worked as an employee for the technology giant IBM for 25 years before he finally quit his job and started towards his own business in 1991. Back when he had quit IBM he only had the idea for his business, which is Paradigm Solutions, and he had the belief. This allowed Raymond to successfully start his own company and it quickly became very popular. Paradigm Solutions grew exponentially fast under the leadership and watchful eye of its very experienced owner and soon it reached a net worth of 60 Million US Dollars. Today, Paradigm Solutions is one of the most successful technology companies to exist which has a very solid ground base and a high market share. Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Huger had a quite successful career at IBM where he had reached the position of Regional Manager.

Married life with wife Karen Huger

Raymond lives in Potomac where he owns a large house. He is happily married to Karen Huger and they have two children together, named Rayven Huger and Brandon Huger. The house is a large mansion with 7 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms carved in the classic Victorian style era with excellent stonework finishing. It has wooden flooring, double carved windows and large bedrooms along with a great backyard and an attractive front yard. Raymond’s net worth is more than 40 million US dollars. He also appears on the reality show The Housewives of Potomac which is a popular reality show.

Beautiful Couple: Karen Huger and her husband Raymond Huger

Caption: Raymond Huger with his wife Karen Huger

Source: Zimbio

Bio, Wiki

Husband of Karen Huger, Raymond is surely one of the most successful people in the technological world. He has built his company and proceeded to build another successful company (Paradigm Holdings) within just 30 years of starting his own business. He has become a millionaire and under his capable hands, Paradigm Solutions International has grown to become one of the world’s leaders in technology. He has proven that with struggle, hard work and determination anyone can change the course of his life no matter at what point he is in.

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