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Kim Woolery and his husband Chuck Woolery

Kim Woolery: Bio, age, kids of Chuck Woolery wife

Born as Kimberley Barns, Kim got famous the moment she married the host of the show ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Chuck Woolery. It looks like even her fortune wheel started spinning the very moment she chose Chuck as her husband. Being the native of Michigan, Kim is a wonderful stylist and apart from these, there has been no personal information about the past life of Kim that has been shared anywhere at all.

With a difference of 16 years between them, Kim still chose Chuck as her husband; well age is just a number isn’t it? It is of no concern when two people are in love and we guess the same happened between the couple when they met on a blind date in 2003 and got married in the year 2006.  Kim and Chuck is a super happy couple and have been married happily for the last 11 years and looks like they know what they want from their lives. Kim Woolery is about 62 years old and she completed her high school from Bentley High School Livonia, MI. She is a super hairstylist and now a celebrity wife as well.

How is Kim’s married life with husband Chuck Woolery?

The couple seems to be enjoying their 13 years of marriage happily with no rumors being part of their lives. Kim married Chuck in the year 2006 after dating him for three years and of course, the relationship now including the eleven years of marriage is close to fifteen years. We guess that is the strongest evidence of their love being strong and nothing matters to the couple when they are in arms of each other.

Beautiful picture of Chuck Woolery with wife Kim Woolery

Caption: Kim Woolery was married to her husband Chuck Woolery in 2006

Source: Pinsdaddy

Marrying three times divorcee like Chuck does not seem to have any effect on her love she has for Chuck and that shows how strong Kim is. After dating for three long years, Chuck and Kim decided to get married and the wedding bells happened to be at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chuck Woolery married with his wife Kim Woolery in 2006

Caption: Kim Woolery weds Chuck Woolery in 2006

Source: Pinsdaddy

No industry tycoons or people from TV or any other personalities were invited, the marriage was purely personal and it took place amidst a bunch of friends and relatives along with the family. Well, this shows how conservative Kim is; she does not want her personal affair to become a public issue and looks like she is pretty intelligent too, Isn’t it?

There are no kids of Chuck and Kim however; she has six children from Chuck’s previous three marriages and we guess the couple wants to remain a couple and there is no entry for a third person, right?

Kim’s Family, children, and career?

There have been no details available anywhere about Kim’s personal life, she loves keeping her personal life to herself hence, and there are no much details about her past. She was born in Michigan and she is a hairstylist by profession.  she rose to fame after becoming the fourth wife of Chuck Woolery, the host of Wheel of Fortune.

Her family is Chuck Woolery and there are no children of their own. However, Kim is the step-mother for six children of Chuck’s from his last three marriages.

She is a hairstylist and she was never so popular before she chose to marry Chuck Woolery.


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