Lavinia Smerconish wiki-bio: Age, Net worth of Michael Smerconish wife

Whenever one is talking of the best realtors on the block, it is impossible not to mention Lavinia Smerconish. Working in the real estate business for over twenty years, Michael Smerconish wife Lavinia  is among the most successful in this front. Ever been curious to know more about this successful businesswoman?

Come on, let’s dig deeper into other aspects of her life. Know more including her age, her love life, how much she is worth, and what else she does to put food on her table. Let’s kick off with what would interest many; her love life

She Is Married To Michael Smerconish and has four children

We’ll start with the most personal aspect of her life. Lavinia is a married woman! Yes, she is married to a multi-talented Michael Smerconish. Want to know more about this lucky guy?

Here is some more information. Michael Smerconish is a man of many gifts; he doubles up as a TV presenter, writer, lawyer and radio host.

Michael is an American national. As is the desire for many couples, Lavinia and Michael have been blessed with children. The couple has four children, and even though details regarding their marriage date are scanty, the two make a beautiful couple.

Lavinia Smerconish & Michael Smerconish Married Couple Net worth salary relation status

Lavinia Smerconish & Michael Smerconish Married Couple

The couple has kept their children away from the public eye, and there’s no information about them available on the media.

Age, Birthday, Date of Birth

Just like her children, Lavinia was raised in Philadelphia Main Line.  Unfortunately, just like there is not much to write home about how Lavinia and Smerconish met, there is not much on Lavinia’s age either.

Some sources claim she could be in her forties but even these claims remain unverified.  Her husband, however, turns 56 next year on March 15th.

Lavinia Smerconish profession

Lavinia Smerconish profession is house agent

Source:- Facebook

Profession and Career

Lavinia Smerconish is well versed in many matters in her field of work. Many times, she delivers beyond her client’s expectation.

The follow-up she provides for her clients makes her a favorite for many a factor that has largely contributed to her popularity. She has outstanding skills in marketing and an exceptional approach to both buyers and sellers.

So good is her work that she has severally been recognized as the ‘top of the rock’ by the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox and Roach.

Despite her successful career, Lavinia’s net worth is not known. Nonetheless, her husband Michael is valued at approximately $2 million.

Lavinia Smerconish's net Worth Salary

Lavinia Smerconish’s Net Worth is $2 Million


Name                         Lavinia Smerconish
Birthdate              Undisclosed
Age                         Undisclosed
Profession             Realtor
Net worth             undisclosed
Spouse             Michael Smerconish
Number of Children             Four

Michael Smerconish Lavinia was raised in Philadelphia Main Line. She is a successful realtor having helped many people buy or sell property in Chester County and Delaware Valley.

She is married to Michael Smerconish, and the two have four children together. Her ethical standards have been referred to as outstanding.

Her extensive knowledge of the real estate is no match for many. She is committed to helping property sellers realize the best from the sale of their homes or property.

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