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Leland Chapman is married to wife Jamie Pilar Chapman AND Meet Maui Chapman, his ex-wife

Leland Chapman is married to wife Jamie Pilar Chapman. Meet Maui Chapman, his ex-wife

Leland Blane Chapman, is an American business owner, bounty hunter, a bail bondsman and a television personality boxer. This bounty hunter was born on December 14, 1976, in Texas to Duane Chapman Sr. and his first wife, Fonda Sue Darnell. Leland has a younger sibling named Duane Lee who is his brother. Leland Chapman is famous for his reality show ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ which premieres on A&E Network. He also featured in ‘Dog & Beth: On the Hunt,’ a TV documentary on Country Music Television. He married Maui Chapman in 1995 and divorced her in 2005. In 2016, he married Jamie Pilar Chapman who is his current wife. He has three children and is a famous personality since 2004.

Leland Chapman is now married to Jamie Pilar Chapman. Kids?

American bail bondsman, Leland Chapman had his fair share of heartbreaks like any other normal person. He used his previous relationship failures as a stepping stone to better his future. He had a failed marriage with his previous wife, Maui Chapman. However, he did not give up on love and is now married to wife Jamie Pilar Chapman. It was probably a bad choice of his life, and currently, he is trying to better his present one.

It is evident from the couple’s social media accounts that this couple is deeply in love. Leland and Jamie married each other in 2016, but it looks like the honeymoon phase is not yet over. They are extremely happy and at peace with one another which they exhibit on social media with their fans. Even if the couple is married for over a year, it seems like they were forever in love.

American bail bondsman and bounty hunter Leland Chapman and his wife Jamie Pilar Chapman

Is the couple planning on becoming parents? Do they have any children?

Leland is a wonderful husband as well as a doting father. Leland and Jamie do not have any children yet. It is not known if they are willing to expand their family right now. But, Leland has three children from his previous relationships. He shares an amicable relationship with them and is an extremely loving father.

His two sons- Dakota Chapman (21 years) and Cobbie Chapman (15 years) are from his previous marriage with Maui. Leland and Maui got married in 1995 and parted ways in 2005. Leland is a father to a lovely daughter from his ex-girlfriend Lynette Yi. Rumors have gone around of Lynette being married to Leland. But, there is no such confirmation from any parties.

Leland Chapman’s Wife, Jamie Pilar Chapman Biography

Jamie Pilar Chapman, wife of Leland Chapman, is a 29-year-old high profile model from California. She is a tattoo model, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and an occasional actor. She has completed her graduation from Decatur AL, Calhoun Community College. The 5 feet 7 inches model is confident and passionate about her work. She loves the camera and is extremely easy to work with. Leland Chapman’s wife Jamie Pilar is fun loving, outgoing and loves to interact with new creative and talented people. She enjoys all the facets of the entertainment industry.

Jamie has three piercings on her lip, septum and belly button. Rest of her body is filled with tattoos which she loves to flaunt. She keeps on changing her looks from time to time and does not believe in being monotonous. Jamie is against nude modeling and therefore, she prefers to retain all the pictures after her shoot. Or she signs the contract accordingly, before scheduling a shoot. She travels outside California only if her expenses are sponsored. She conducts workshops in Pama Agency, Huntsville AL.

Jamie Pilar has done multiple fashion shows and ad campaigns. She is serious about her work and does not prefer any compromises with it. Her personal interests include photography, acting, tattoo modeling and body art. She is currently married to American bail bondsman Leland Chapman and enjoying marital bliss. She is very active on social media and keeps her fans updated.

His married life and divorce from ex-wife Maui Chapman. Any kids?

Bounty hunter and American bail bondsman Leland Chapman dated Maui Chapman for quite some years before marrying her. He married Maui in 1995 but eventually divorced her in 2005. Irrespective of dating each other and being married for a decade, their marriage hit the rocks. The couple could not save their relationship in spite of knowing each for so many years.

Maui Chapman was never really famous or a public figure until she married Leland Chapman. She came into the limelight when Maui Chapman married Leland in 2005. She did not make many public appearances, so people were not much aware of her. However, she came under complete media speculations during her divorce with Leland Chapman. The couple got divorced in 2005 but are parents to two sons. The kids- Dakota Chapman and Cobbie Chapman are very much fond of their parents.

Leland Chapman and his ex-wife Maui Chapman

Caption:- Leland Chapman’s ex-wife Maui Chapman

Leland and Maui were a great celebrity couple who failed who last their love longer. They, unfortunately, divorced on 21st April 2005. No concrete issue could be identified which led to their divorce. Many personas and media houses speculated and made various assumptions regarding their divorce.

One among the many assumptions was the arrest of Leland Chapman which could have led to the end of marriage. The U.S. Marshals had once arrested Leland Chapman along with Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and Tim Chapman. They were arrested on the request of the Mexican government. The three of them were deported to Mexico to face charges of ‘deprivation of liberty.’

All these charges were related to an incident of a serial rapist Andrew Luster, the Max Factor cosmetics heir. These three men were chasing fugitive and rapist Luster and kidnapped him on 18th June 2003. They kidnapped him in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which led to charges against them. They were arrested within a short while and were posted bail after a few days. The three never returned to Mexico, though, for the court hearing.

Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman has two kids

Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman have two sons, named Dakota and Cobbie. After the couple’s divorce, Maui got custody of both the kids. Due to no earlier prenuptial agreement, the divorce was an entire mess. However, it finally happened on 21st April 2005. Maui along with her son Dakota made their television appearance on a 1st and 2nd episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Leland Chapman after divorce with ex-wife Maui Chapman

After his divorce from Maui, Leland dated many women. The most famous news was his relationship with Lynette Yi. This couple dated for quite some time, however, when they parted ways was not known to anyone. The news of their togetherness or separation was not reported. This pair together has a daughter named Leiah Breanna Chapman born on 2010. No news of Maui dating any other man was ever heard of.

It was rumored that this couple was having a secret affair. But in 2016, Leland married Jamie Pilar Chapman, and the rumor fizzles out. It was assumed that Lynette might have divorced Leland. According to sources, Lynette was reported to have been dating Jason Ridge.

Maui Chapman Biography

Leland Chapman’s ex-wife Maui Chapman always preferred to remain away from the limelight. Therefore, not much information is available about her. The former wife of American bail bondsman Leland Chapman was only seen in the spotlight along with her husband. It is reported that she was born in 1957 in Kailua, Hawaii, United States. She has a petite figure and a superb height of 5 feet 9 inches.

She married Leland at the age of 38 and had their first child when Leland graduated. Maui is currently in her fifties and is single. She is enjoying her lives with her two kids which she had from her marriage with Leland. Not many pictures or information is available about Maui on the web.

Leland Chapman’s affair with Lynette. Who is she?

Leland Chapman after divorcing Maui Chapman in 2005 had numerous flings. The widespread of them all was his relationship with Lynette Yi. The couple was spotted in various public places like parks and restaurants. Both of them looked immensely happy with another and their relationship wall in full swing. Their fans considered them to be an ideal couple. The more stories got printed about them being together, the more rumors of marriage fuelled.

Leland Chapman’s affair with Lynette Yi

Chapman is not at all vocal about his private life affairs relationships. His previous marriage was an unfortunate event, but he learned his lesson well. Leland and Lynette first met each other at an event show. They started to know each other’s interests and grew closer.

Lynette was addressed as a ‘gold digger’ by the media. However, no one commented on it. Leland has a net worth of whopping 500 thousand dollars. Lynette was often found flaunting about Leland’s net worth and publicly addressed him as one of the richest celebrities in the town.

While dating Lynette, Leland stated in an interview that he is happy with the divorce with his former wife, Maui. Leland is a very hard working father, and he has taken the responsibility of all his children. He is an idol to his younger son Cobbie.

It was reported that Leland was soon going to marry Lynette by some of their close friends. His fans had a positive reaction to the news and denied rumors of Lynette being a gold digger. Meanwhile, Leland broke off with Lynette and went ahead to marry Jamie Pilar Chapman in 2006.

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