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Image of Les Stroud Net Worth, Knives, Wife, Wiki-Bio, Age.

Les Stroud Net Worth, Knives, Wife, Wiki-Bio, Age, New Show.

There are many words to describe the host of the television series, Survivorman with the most common being death-defying, survival expert and surprisingly a musician as well. Les Stroud, the wilderness guide has imparted his skills to many who watch his show with several bearing testimonies on escaping death’s clutches. However, bet you did not know that he is a divorcé. Well, here are some interesting facts on his age, net worth, knives and deeper insight into what happened to his marriage with his wife.

Les Stroud Career info

The TV star’s life was not always all about danger and survival. Les Stroud first stepped into the limelight as a musician. The Music Industry was his muse as he worked at MuchMusic, a Canadian based music video channel for many years. He signed to the record label RCA releasing several EP’s singles and bonus tracks. His primary genre was mainly blues, traditional folk, and acoustics. One of his prominences was his skillful play of the harmonica. It landed him several collaborations with bands such as The Northern Pikes, New Regime and many more.

Les Stroud also got to work as a versatile outdoor instructor and guide to the aboriginal community in the wilderness. While living off the grid with his wife at the time, he made fifty-minute documentary videos calling them Snowshoes and Solitude. The success of the videos got him pitching ideas for large networks such as the Discovery channel in early 2001. Filming his escapades while in the middle of nowhere landed him the show Survivorman in 2004.

As a result, Les Stroud has appeared in several shows as a guest host including Discovery Channel’s I Shouldn’t Be Alive. He has also done a bit of production work for YTV and Cartoon Network’s Survive This. Overall, he is a great outdoorsman with several death-defying skills.

What is Les Stroud doing now? New Show?

Creating, writing, directing and starring the whole seven seasons of Survivorman while at the same time battling mother nature was one tough job. So when the show ended in 2012, he got the opportunity to do other things in his career.

As already mentioned, he loves making music. The TV star is also responsible for creating and recording the theme music for the show. Nowadays, he is hell-bent on releasing the music he never got the chance to. In an interview with Fyi Music News, the TV star revealed that his album was dropping sooner than expected.

Moreover, he also released two music videos from the album including Big Yellow Taxi and How Long. Fans of his music should expect a much darker side and not the same-old bubbly romantic blues he used to sing.

There is no news of Les Stoud’s New Show.

Les Stroud net worth, Business. His Knives

Being active in the industry for almost two decades is a lot of time to accumulate wealth. Les Stroud’s net worth as of 2018 stands at $5.5 million. While most of his money in the bank collected as a result of the hard work and endurance he has put in television, part of his net worth also comes from his record sales.

Image of Les Stroud net worth is $5.5 million

Les Stroud net worth is $5.5 million

He has his website where you can check out and buy his entire discography as well as his documentaries. He is a Jack of all trades. Part of his income also comes from selling cutting-edge survival knives. Its premium blade that’s about 4 or 3 inches long, a mirror for SOS signaling, and an LED flashlight for when it gets dark. With the knives, you become as dangerous as the predators that will haunt you. All you need to do is part with roughly $50 on Amazon to own one.

Les Stroud married to wife? Kids? Or single?

It is said that women make men do crazy things. Les Stroud’s former wife is the whole reason he got into the wilderness. He met Sue Jamison, a photographer with a bit of a wild side while he was a canoe excursion leader in 1990.

Image of Less Stroud with his ex-wife Susan Jamison

Less Stroud with his ex-wife Susan Jamison

The pair instantly fell in love and got married in 1994 in a civilized environment with friends and family. However, their honeymoon was entirely different as they chose to spend it in the Wabakimi area of Ontario. Living off-grid had its challenges especially when he had to rush his wife back to civilization when she had her miscarriage.

Image of Les Stroud with his son Logan Stroud

Les Stroud with his son Logan Stroud

The couple lived together for 14 years before calling it splits in 2008 for unknown reasons. However, something good came out of their time together as they share two kids, Logan and a daughter Raylan

Wiki-bio, Age.

Name Les Stroud
Age 56
Date of Birth October 20th, 1961
Place of Birth Etobicoke, Ontario
Profession Filmmaker, Musician
Net worth $5.5 million
wife Divorced from Susan  Jamison in 2008
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 8 inches
New Show Unknown
Star Sign Libra

Image of Les Stroud height

The TV star, Les Stroud was born on October 20th, 1961 in Mimico, Canada. He attended the Mimico High School in the area before moving on to pursue music at the Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. This path kick-started his career in music which spiraled into filmmaking. Fast forwarding into the current time, he is 56 years of age and will turn 57 come October. The filmmaker has cheated death a couple of times and also won several awards, both as a musician and a film producer.


Les Stroud may be all cheerful in his documentaries, but when it comes to life and death, you bet he can handle the knives he sells pretty well. Nowadays, he is all about relaxing, making music, and enjoying his net worth away from his former wife, Sue in Huntsville, Ontario.

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