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Image of Liz cavalier Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Age, family-Wiki-Bio

Liz Cavalier Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, Age, family-Wiki-Bio

Liz Cavalier, known to all as ‘Gator Queen Liz’ is an exceptional lady in her measures. Alligator hunting is seen as a preserve of aggressive and adrenaline driven men of Louisiana in the United States. Liz Cavalier doesn’t take that hands down, as she takes on the tough men in the game and business of gator hunting. There aren’t many lady gator hunters in Louisiana. She has traveled a path many women in the region never attempted to do. Liz Cavalier is a go-getter with the zeal of the alligators that she hunts down. Learn about her net worth, age, family, husband, daughter, and wiki bio in this article.

Who is Liz Cavalier?

Liz Cavalier was born in South Louisiana to Ella Dupre and C J Dupre. Her mother prepared great food from gator meat. She went ahead to teach Liz Cavalier the virtue of hard work, just like herself. Liz learned the skills of hunting from her father. They would stay in the marsh all year round hunting.

Liz Cavalier is credited to have cast the Swamp People. The series which was aired on History channel in 2010 was based on the lives of hunters who live in Louisiana and make a living from hunting American alligators within the Atchafalaya River Basin.

Image of Liz Cavalier from Swamp People show

Liz Cavalier from Swamp People show

At the start of every season, the hunters are given tags, and they are directed to kill the same number of alligators as their tags. When the hunters finish their tags, the season is over. Many of these hunters have other hunting occupations such as commercial fishing, crab, crawfish and shrimp hunting.

Liz Cavalier Leave Swamp People in the sixth season, and now she is back in the new season in 2019.

They successfully cast till the sixth season when the production team was changed, and they made drastic changes. They let go of most of the old cast members. Elizabeth Choate or as popularly known as Liz Cavalier was amongst those relieved from the show. She was a favorite hunter in the series, and the firing did not go well with her.

Unlike many other fired cast members who went on with their hunting lives, Liz Cavalier went head-on with the new production company.  She shared her disgust with her fans on her Facebook page in August 2015. The hunter affirmed that the family heritage she had inherited was very important to her, and would keep posting about it.

She is back to her hunting career together with her husband and daughter. Liz is currently writing a cookbook. What she hasn’t revealed is whether the book contains gator recipes in it.

Liz Cavalier is Married To Husband Justin Choate. Meet her Daughter Jessica.

Liz Cavalier’s husband is Justin Choate. They have a daughter Jessica. They also have two stepsons Destin and Daimon.

Image of Liz Cavalier with her husband Justin Choate

Liz Cavalier with her husband, Justin Choate

As they carry out their business, Liz Cavalier and Justin are enjoying their family life together on Pecan Island in Louisiana. They celebrated the birth of their grandchild, which they shared on her social media page. The couple recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary as per her Facebook page.

Liz Cavalier’s daughter Jessica is 23 years old as of 2019.

Liz Cavalier featured in the Swamp people series with her husband and earned herself a nickname of “Gator Queen Liz”. The Gator Queen Liz from “Swamp People” featured in the series with her daughter, Jessica with 400 tags. Jessica was expected to take more challenges on the show. Liz Cavalier also launched a second boat captained by her husband Justin with the late Glenn Guist.

Liz cavalier’s Networth.

The star is an American alligator hunter who features on a reality show, the Swamp People. Reality television is a lucrative business. As such, Liz Cavalier’s net worth is $300 thousand. Liz Cavalier joined the show in the second season.

Image of Swamp People cast Liz Cavalier net worth is $300,000

Swamp People cast Liz Cavalier net worth is $300,000

The hunter got to work with Troy Landry. She was very successful, earning the nickname, “Lucky Liz.” From Season 3, she went to Pecan Island, Louisiana, running her hunting enterprise. Her earnings from both the casting and hunting business have earned her the net worth.

Liz cavalier’s age. How old is Liz cavalier?

Liz Cavalier (Gator Queen)was born on January 21, 1970, to Ella Dupre and father C J Dupre.  Liz is 43 years old.

Wiki-bio, other info, family, parents.

Liz was very close to her father and stayed with him in the boat all the time. She slowly learned what her father did during their daily missions. Her father cared about her and would not let her put her hand in the way of the dangerous alligators.

Image of Liz Cavalier with her daughter Jessica Cavalier

Liz Cavalier with her daughter Jessica Cavalier

When her parents were out of sight, she would feed her pet alligator with all the food that they had. She now works with her husband Justin and training her daughter, Jessica and two stepsons, Daimon and Destin.

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