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Meet Emmitt Smith wife Patricia Southall and their kids. Detail on their married life

Patricia Southall is the first African-American lady who was crowned to be Miss Virginia. Emmitt Smith’s wife Patricia Southall is a social activist, and she is best regarded for her motive as well as her services. As of now, she is widely considered as Pat Smith, after Patricia Southall adopted the name of her second husband, the former running back, Emmitt Smith.

Pat is widely recognized as the wife of the former National Football League running back Emmitt Smith. Patricia is Pat Smith Enterprises’ CEO, and she has also come up with a non-profit organization widely regarded as Treasure You. The non-profit organization helps to promote a healthy lifestyle meant for women. She was born to Mildred Southall and Henry Southall.

Image of Patricia Southall with her husband Emmitt Smith

Patricia Southall with her husband, Emmitt Smith

Patricia Southall, Former Husband, Martin Lawrence.

Before meeting the love of her life, Emmitt Smith, Patricia Southall was married to Martin Lawrence, the actor, and comedian.

Their marriage lasted for two years from 1995 till 1997. Pat met Martin Lawrence in the year 1992, and she started dating the comedian right away. The pair took the vows of marriage on 7th of January 1995 after being in a relationship for three long years.

According to media, after one year of marriage, the couple welcomes a baby girl Jasmine Page Lawrence on 15th of January 1996. Nevertheless, after being married for five long years and after tying the knot and being together for two long years, the couple decided that they need a divorce.

The celebrity pair separated on 17th of September 1997. Despite the separation, Patricia and Martin Lawrence still maintain a healthy relationship. She is often seen accompanying Jasmine and her ex-husband in some of the public events.

Image of Partricia Southall with her ex-husband Martin Lawrence

Patricia Southall with her ex-husband Martin Lawrence

Patricia Southall and Emmitt Smith and their kids.

After getting separated from Martin Lawrence for almost three years, Patricia Southall met Emmitt Smith during a festival of music which took place in Aruba.

Not long after that the pair immediately started dating each other and stayed in a long distance relationship.

Later on 22nd April 2000, she married to Emmitt Smith the legendary football running back. It was tough for Patricia Southall to accept the child of Emmitt Smith and Hope Wilson.

When Hope became pregnant with Emmitt’s child, they were dating. Patricia took a lot of time to think before she decided to marry Emmitt Smith.

Image of Patricia Southall with her husband Emmitt Smith and with their kids

Patricia Southall with her husband Emmitt Smith and with their kids

Emmitt Smith and wife Patricia Southall has completed a sustainable marriage which is going strong even after 18 years. On 22nd April 2019, Emmitt Smith and Patricia Southall will complete 19 years of marriage. In 18 years, the couple has reportedly welcomed three children to the world, one daughter and two sons.

The couple was blessed with their first child after they completed two years of marriage. Emmitt James IV, the firstborn son of Patricia and Emmitt, came into this world on 15th of May 2002.

Later in the year 2003, on October 15th, Patricia gave birth to Skylar Smith, their daughter, and their second born child. It is the arrival of Elijah Alexander James in the year 2010 on 22nd September, which made the family a whole.

Patricia Southall also has a stepdaughter named Rheagen Smith. Rheagen Smith if the daughter of Hope Wilson, Emmitt’s ex-girlfriend. Rheagen was born on November 2, 1998, to Emmitt Smith and Hope Wilson.

Age 50 (1970)
Net worth -NA-
Spouse Martin Lawrence (Ex-Husband)

Emmitt Smith (Husband)

Kids 5
Occupation Former Miss Virginia


Parents Henry Southall (Father)

Mildred Southall (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American

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