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Megan Denise: Age, Wiki-bio, Career of Lil Yachty’s Girlfriend

Everyone has a taste. Each man or woman, girl or boy has a certain type of character they like about their significant other. Whether it’s the same gender or different, it doesn’t matter. The heart wants what it wants. Social media often helps bridge the gap between your crush if you’re too shy to approach him/her directly. Instagram is one such platform where risky texts are part and parcel of the idea. We get to tell the story of Lil Yachty’s girlfriend, Megan Denise and how they met. Also get to know Instagram Model Megan Denise’s age, wiki-bio and so much more.

Who is Megan Denise?

Straight off Google or any other search engine, you’ll get to see Megan Denise Fox, another famous actress in Hollywood. However, that is not our focus for now. Many people describe her as Lil Yachty’s girlfriend which is not an accurate description.

Many words can be used to describe Megan Denise. To keep it to a minimum, she is a famous Instagram model and goes by the name Me’Gan, sometimes. Like all models, she is gorgeous, stunning and has it all. From being busty and quite curvaceous, she complements her look with adorable freckles on her face.

Relationship with Lil Yachty.

Last year, the famous Trap artist Miles Parks McCollum also known as Lil Yachty shared pictures of his new girlfriend on his social media handle. This was after he broke up with his previous ex-girlfriend India Love, Also an Instagram Model.

Lil Yachty and Megan Denise

We thought he has a thing for models, but that wasn’t the case. In an Interview with K104 Radio, she revealed that the rapper is probably one of the best guys she’s met. He treats her like the lady she is unlike the unpopular opinion of most people.

While she was evasive to confirm the relationship, she did reveal that they have a strong bond together. It all started with a Direct Message (DM). Contrary to most guys’ style of approaching a girl, the young rapper captured the heart of the model by being all subtle while in flirt mode. Charmed, she accepted his advances and soon ended up dating him.

Lil Yachty’s Girlfriend Megan Denise’s Career

Scrolling through her Instagram handle, one thing is clear. She travels a lot. From Atlanta all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada and beyond. Her skimpy outfits may sometimes be work-related. Modeling for various brands is probably one of her major income generating ways.

Most of her pictures are mostly in swimsuit outfits or of her working out and hitting the gym. Moreover, she also promotes various photography lines, makeup artists and brand hair products. These may occasionally include weaves, handbags and other boutique items.

On the other hand, there have been ongoing rumors of the model working as a stripper at some of the finest dance clubs. Some of these include Las Angeles’ Ace of Diamond Club and Girl Collection Club in Las Vegas.

Some of her friends include the famous Boxer Floyd Mayweather who never seems to run out of money and Usher. The model’s Instagram is full of pictures with the Boxer always clubbing and flaunting his cash.

The Instagram sensation seems like she does make a substantial amount owing to the expensive lifestyle she lives. However, it is hard to tell as to how much Megan Denise makes annually nor is her net worth known. On the other hand, her boyfriend seems to be doing quite fine.

Lil Yachty

The trap artist has a current net worth of approximately $12.5 million. Born in Atlanta on August 23rd, 1997, he specialized in music straight after high school. The artist calls his style of music as Bubblegum Trap. Some of his hit songs include Peek a Boo, Ice Tray and 1 Night. Collaborations with famous artists like DRAM in the song Broccoli plunged him further into stardom.

Megan Denise’ Tattoos

Megan Denise showing her tattoos

One of the most remarkable things about the model or rather on the model is her tattoos. As painful as it is getting just one, her whole body is covered in them. Stretching from both her arms to her back, straight through her cleavage to the top side of her belly and even on her butt cheeks. I think it’s safe to say she has a butt load of tattoos.

One of the most noticeable Megan Denise’s tattoos of them all are the imprints of famous late rapper 2-Pac on her arm. Others include roses, butterflies, and writings on her left chest.

Wiki-Bio, Age

Name Megan Denise
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession Instagram model
Net worth Under Review
Boyfriend Lil Yachty
Kids None
Height Unknown

Most of the model’s information is still in the wind with very little is known about her. There is still no source of documentation on her bio and age. This will be updated just as her career progresses. She became the talk of the industry in a controversial video of a kiss with the artist.


Megan Denise may have gotten worldwide recognition by dating Lil Yachty, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a career of her own. Also, it’s difficult to determine her age, but she does look like she’s older than her bae, even with her cute freckles on. Her net worth and most of her bio are still unknown.

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