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Tom Oar Mountain Men

Tom Oar Wiki, Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age (2018)

In a world where are more concerned about our safety and comfort, it is surprising and yet still stimulating to hear about people like Tom Oar who prefer to lead a life of isolation from human civilization. Omar who is more than 70 years of age has lived with his wife of more than 40 years in the remote areas of the Yaak Valley. You are about to find out Tom Oar’s Net Worth and Age in wiki type bio.

How old is Tom Oar on Mountain Men?

Tom Oar is quite a legendary when it comes to rodeo. He was born in Illinois. Although the specific date of his birth is unknown, Tom Oar on Mountain men is 80 years old. Even though he is an old man, for those who watch the show you can see that he and his wife are quite energetic people. This explains why his net worth and financial state is incredible.

Tom Oar in cowboy hat

‘Mountain Men’ star Tom Oar in his 70’s

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Tom Oar from “Mountain Men” is 71 years old in 2018.

Tom Oar net worth

Mountain Men star Oar is an American television personality whose net worth is summoned from his merchandise and being a television star. Additionally, he is a tanner as well. At the age of over seventy, Tom Oar and his wife tan animal hidings for a living. He also creates traditional buckskin moccasins, shirts, pants, and jackets.

They make up to $4,000 dollars from their merchandise. As of 2018, Tom Oar’ss net worth is $200,000 dollars. This is a huge sum of money, his net worth can be explained by the fact the number of his clients for these traditional outfits has increased since he became a television personality in 2012.

He confessed in one interview that the number of phone calls he receives has increased tremendously. So has his net worth increased too?

Tom Oar's net worth is attractive

Mountain Men star Tom Oar’s net worth

Tom Oar is Married to Wife Nancy and Have a son Chad Oar.

Mountain men star Tom Oar is married to Wife Nancy for over 50 years now. During their married life they have a son Chad who made few appearances in the show. You rarely get to see his wife on the show. While Tom is the main character of “Mountain Men” his wife and children are almost away from the limelight with little to no appearance in the public and screen.

Among many similarities between these old lovebirds, the biggest common interest is the love for nature. His wife Nancy equally loves the mountain and the scenery that is the reason why they have built a house in the mountain nearby the lake.

Wiki type bio

Tom Oar was born in Illinois, United States America. He has been married to his wife Nancy for over 40 years now. They met in Troy but later moved to Montana after his rodeo career came to an end.

He now makes a living out of tanning animal hidings in the Yaak valleys of Montana. Tom is among the eight cast of the History channel show Mountain Men which first aired in 2012. He gets an additional income from being on this show. His total net worth is $200,000 as of 2017.

His wiki states that he has kids who reside in Chicago. Oar has a height that fits perfectly with his personality and choice of job. Information on his past education is not available. Neither is his education qualifications known. However, we do know that he started out in rodeo at the age of twenty-something.

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