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Mountain Monsters Cast Net Worth & Salaries

Mountain Monsters Cast Salary and Net Worth.

Mountain Monsters is an American television show series that is shown in Destination America. The series was first shot in 8thup capturing April 2013 and has shown up to five episodes till now. It is about some Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings team. The actors are a band of six hunters and trappers from West Virginia, and they are tasked with investigating and trapping undefended creatures in the Appalachian Mountains.

The cast in the series is a bunch of six guys who are specialized in hunting and these creatures. The salary and net worth of the actors vary from one actor. Generally, the net worth of all the actors in the show of the Mountain Monsters is estimated to be over million. This is considering the fact that the actors have shot more than  50  episodes.

Mountain Monsters cast John Tice Salary and Net Worth.

John Tice is the cast in the episodes of Mountain Monsters. He has appeared in the show since its incepti0n in 2013 and has appeared in more than50 episodes in the show. This, therefore, means that John Tice has made a fortune working in the show. His net worth is approximated to be over $800,000. All this has been accumulated through sheer hard work and dedication in the show of the Mountian Monsters.

Mountain Monsters Cast John Tice's Net Worth is $800,000

The net salary that John Tice is paid per show is about $20000. So with respect to the shows that he has appeared in the Mountain Monsters, he has made some good cash. We are not tying ourselves to his current net worth because the net worth is likely to increase given that more episodes of the Mountain Monsters are still on the way and it will only be a matter of time before something new comes up.

Jacob Lowe Salary and Net Worth.

Jacob Lowe made his debut in the Mountain Monsters since 2013. His role in the show is quite critical and has received a lot of funds both in the states and outside. His body physique has made him one of the most daring and major actors in the show because he is fearless and daredevil like.

The net worth of Jacob Lowe is estimated to be $ 600,000. However, Jacob Lowe is a secretive guy, and his net worth has been kept at a low profile. He does not want his life to be a center of public scrutiny. His appearance in a Murder in the Park in 2013 increased his bank balance.

The salary that Jacob Lowe earns per episode remains unknown, but it is approximated to be $18,000.

Mountain Monsters Cast Jacob Lowe's Net Worth is $600,000

Joe Lott Salary and Net Worth.

Joseph Lott also known as Joe Lott is also one of the lead cast in the episodes of Mountain Monsters. He has appeared in the show since it was first established in 2013. Typically he has appeared in all the episodes of the show. He is one of the casts that is most liked in the show and has acquired enormous funds in the show.

Joseph Lott earns a net salary of about $ 16000 per every episode that he appears in the show. Through us, he has been able to accumulate a lot of cash. His main source of money is through acting and movies. Although he is also a very secretive guy, Joseph Lott has a net worth of approximately  $500,000.

His money has been made over time through his debut and dedication to acting in various movies and television shows. His net worth is also subject to increment given that he is still shooting with Mountain Monsters.

Mountain Monsters Cast Joe Lott's Net Worth is $500,000

Mountain Monsters Cast Joe Lott’s Net Worth is $500,000

William Neff Net Worth and Salary.

William Neff together with other actors in the Mountain Monster has made a big debut in the Discovery Channel on the screen. William Neff is so much into comedy. He was born a comedian, and he is very a comic guy with a high sense of humor. His appearance in the series of Mountain Monsters has added a tender touch on the show.

The net worth of William Jeff has been kept at bay. However, William Neff net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, and this has been accumulated over time in his acting career, and his entry into the Mountain Monsters only boosted his net worth by a greater percentage.

Mountain Monsters Cast William Neff's Net Worth is $500,000

The salary of William Jeff in the episodes of Mountain Monsters is roughly and slightly over $17000. He has been able to accumulate got through his many years in the acting industry. His net worth, however, is subject to increment as he is likely to still appear in the next episodes of Mountain Monsters shortly.

Jeff Headlee Net Worth and Salary.

Jeff Headlee plays an integral part in the show of Mountain Monsters. His role in the show is quite unique. He is the technological expert. Anything that deals with technological know-how in the show is his concern.

He is also in charge of research in the show. Researching on the adequate technology to use an immense output required. He is well knowledgeable in mountain stories and histories that he applies on the camera.

The net worth of Jeff Headlee is a bit higher from the other cast in the show. His net worth is over $700,000 and subject to increment in the near future as he his still into acting. He has accumulated this through his big role in the show and many years of dedication and immense sacrifice.

Mountain Monsters Cast Jeff Headlee's Net Worth is $700,000

Mountain Monsters Cast Jeff Headlee’s Net Worth is $700,000

The salary of Jeff Headlee is quite higher than the other cast in the Mountain Monsters. This might be explained by his immense role in the show. In every episode, Jeff Headlee pockets almost $28000. Considering the many episodes that he has appeared in, you can guess that Jeff is doing quite well.

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