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Nia Renee Hill: 7 Facts about Bill Burr Wife.

Nia Renee Hill: 7 Facts about Bill Burr Wife.

Let me guess, we all know a bit too much about 48-year-old Bill Burr. Yes, the ever-busy stand-up comedian. I bring you a different look at the funny man’s life by looking at seven interesting facts about his wife. Wait, you knew he was married, right? Well, below are juicy facts about his lovely wife, Nia Renee.

Her Past Dating and Love Affairs

Starting off with this interesting part of her private life, Nia Renee has had a number of affairs in the love scene. That’s right; she kissed a generous number of frogs so to speak.

She has explored relationships with men with different ethnic backgrounds. According to our trusted sources, she has had white, black, Latino, Jewish, Italians and other combinations.

Nia Renee Hill:

Majority of these relationships date back to her college years when she was in Boston. The best thing about Nia is that despite having been involved in multiple relationships, she did not get bitter.

Keeping all those past aside, she is currently married as Bill Burr’s Wife.

Nia Hill Married Bill Burr In 2013

Nia has been happily married to Bill Burr since 2013. According to her and going by the photos shared by the two on their social media accounts, they have a happy relationship and have a friendship sort of marriage. This is admirable you know, but guess what?

Bill Burr and Nil Renee Married in 2013

Caption:- Bill Burr and Nil Renee Married in 2013

Before getting married the couple had dated for some time. After getting married they have been living a blissful life and their lives got better after the birth of their daughter.

Nia Hill has been very supportive and a source of inspiration for her husband Bill Burr. In own words he said,

“I am what I am today not only because of what I do best, I couldn’t do all these without her”

It doesn’t need the genius to figure out who he is referring to.

She was previously Married.

That’s right. Her marriage to Bill Burr is not the first. She was once married to one of the men she previously had a relationship with.

Unfortunately, not many details are available about his first husband or the reason that led to their separation. She had seen her parents go through a divorce and thus her separation from her first husband did not come as a big deal.

Nia Reene Age, Birth Date

As of the time of writing this article, Nia Renee is 39 years old. She was born on 2nd June 1978 in California. This is also the same place she spent her childhood.

Her parents divorced during her childhood an she grew up with her mother and stepfather. Nonetheless, she still had a father-daughter relationship with her father, and she would visit him during the summers.

They both Have A Similar Career Background

Nia and her husband have a common professional background. Their career is based on acting. Bill Burr is an actor on Breaking Bad and is also a stand-up comedian while Nia Renee featured on Santa Clarita Diet just recently.

Nia Hill has also featured in other works of films including Divorce, Long Distance, and had a role on Did You Look for Work This Week?

Nia Renee Hill career Background is same as Bill

Nia and Bill Burr Met On Professional Duties

According to some credible sources, the couple met on a professional line of duty. At that time, Renee was working on some comedy. Theirs was love at first meet-up. They later moved in together and relocated to Los Angeles, and ultimately tied the knot in 2013.

The Couple Have A Daughter Together

Last year, Nia made Bill a father by giving birth to a beautiful daughter. The exact details of when she was born are not clear, but some sources say it was on at the start of last year, 2017. She was spotted carrying daughter in the crib.

Nia with her daughter Daughter

Caption:- Nia with her daughter Daughter

So there you have it, 7 interesting facts about Nia Reene Hill, Bill Burr’s wife.

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