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Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss; Who Is The Father Of Her Daughter? Where Is She Now?

Nicole Nafziger is a famous American businesswoman and reality television personality popular for appearing in the reality show named 90 Day Fiance.

She is also the owner of a beauty store through which she earns a hefty amount of money, pilling up a high figure of net worth.

Well, her beauty store and appearance in the reality series what got her to be the talk of the town. Her body transformation is an inspiration to people fighting bodyweight issues. So, what was Nicole Nafziger’s weight loss strategy, did she went under knives for the weight loss? What is she doing currently? Let’s find out!

Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss.

Nicole Nafziger is choosing to make a healthy choice and working on staying more active. She is currently on her fitness journey and trying to be much healthy than ever.

Image of If you go through her Instagram, you can definitely see that she's lost a significant amount of weight.

If you go through her Instagram, you can see that she’s lost a significant amount of weight.

Image of She now does aerobics and also does various online weight loss challenges to keep her body in shape.

She now does aerobics and also does various online weight loss challenges to keep her body in shape.

Nicole was time-and-again criticized for her heavyweight, but she always responded to the haters with a positive message on social media. But, this time, it looks like she finally gave answers to all social bullies, not by commenting back to them but by killing their noise showing a body transformation.

Image of Nicole Nafziger body transformation

Nicole Nafziger body transformation

For Nicole Nafziger weight loss, She credits healthy food, proper exercise and positivity as her fuel to get back in shape. However, she has said that she didn’t go under knives to fit into smaller dresses.

Who Is Nicole Nagzifer Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Well, everyone might be familiar with the fact that Nicole is currently in a relationship with long-term boyfriend, Azan Tefou. Well, many fans might be shocked to know that they are still together sharing a healthy bond.

To begin, the couple first met via an online mobile application in Morocco back in 2015 and has been inseparable since then, even though they had faced numerous difficulties and differences in their relationship.

Nicole Nagzifer and boyfriend Azan were in a long-distance relationship. She travelled all the way to Morocco just to be with him for five weeks only. The pair enjoyed a healthy and comfortable relationship. Still, Nicole found it really hard to settle in Morocco as it is not acceptable for the couple to have a physical relationship before tying the knot.

After being in a relationship for a few time, Nicole popped out the question while visiting a desert in Agadir. The duo’s relationship was not that easy; as they faced many differences. The pair lives in a different country and follows different cultures, traditions, and religions.

Sources reported that Nicole Nagzifer and boyfriend Azan went through hard times as she did not want to convert to Islam, and her partner also did not want to convert to Christianity. However, the pair did not let their relationship make a bring blockage in their relationship.

When Will Nicole Nagzifer And Azan Tefou Tie The Knot?

Well, everyone might be curious to know about Nicole and Azan’s plans of tying the knot. The pair even had planned for exchanging the wedding vows twice, and both of their attempts failed. For the first time, the couple planned to marry in Morocco. However, they later stepped back when Nicole did not bring the exact and detail paperwork to make it happen.

Image of Azan Tefou & Nicole Nafziger Vacationing Together

Azan Tefou & Nicole Nafziger Vacationing Together

Likewise, their second attempt of tying the knot in summer canceled. Nicole mentioned money and time as the reason behind the failure.

Nicole, who often does Q&As on her Instagram, replied that too much pressure of not having enough time and money was the reason behind their marriage cancellation. She then mentioned that it was not also the right moment for them yet.

Image of So, as of now, Nicole remains engaged to Azan but they aren't sure when will they get married.

So, as of now, Nicole remains engaged to Azan but they aren’t sure when will they get married.

Nicole Nafziger’s Children; Who Is The Baby Daddy?

Nicole has a daughter named May and has always lived as a single mother. Her fans often questioned her about her parenting choices, and many expressed their outrage claiming that she might not be a good mother.

Image of Nicole with her daughter May

Nicole with her daughter May

You can see May calling Azan “daddy,” but he is not her biological father. Many people claim that calling Azan might not be a wise decision as the pair has not been married.

Nicole Nafziger has kept almost everything of her daughter’s biological father away from the media, but Soap Dirt’s have spilled the beans. The tabloid mentioned that Nicole dated a man named Steve from 2011 to 2013. Likewise, in 2013, Steve revealed that he and his fiancée were expecting a baby, daughter, May.

While talking about Nicole Nafziger’s daughter’s father, Nicole, one mentioned that she and her kid’s daughter are barely in touch. Nicole also revealed that her daughter and her former partner have not met in person.

Nicole and May share a very loving bond. Recently, the mom-daughter duo was seen visiting Disney Land in Florida.

The image was taken out from Nicole’s Instagram story

The duo reportedly had a ton of fun together, and people also appreciate Nicole bringing up a daughter as a single mother.

Nicole Nafziger’s Bio-Wiki, Age, And Nationality; What Is She Doing Currently?

Nicole was born on 8th November 1993, and is 25 years old, as of 2019. She was born in Bradenton, Florida, the United States of America to father Tyler Nafziger and mother Robbalee Nafziger. She is of American nationality and belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity.

After 90 Day Fiance’s appearance, Nicole Nafziger has found a new job and is quite busy with it making her own cash. In Touch reported that Nicole started working as a barista at a local Starbucks.

Nicole’s family now hopes her to be able to fend for herself. Nicole Nafziger has moved out of her mother’s house and is currently living in her own apartment with her daughter.

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