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Image of Pnina Tornai. How rich is Pnina Tornai in 2019

Pnina Tornai Net Worth. How rich is Pnina Tornai in 2019?

Say yes to the Dress is an innovative fashion show that has been making waves ever since it premiered on the TLC network. The show is centered on hard-working dressmakers and their equally stressed customers as they search for the perfect wedding dress. At the center of it all is Pnina Tornai, a woman who has defied the odds to get to the very top.

Pnina Tornai Net worth is $45 Million in 2019.

Sources say that Pnina Tornai has an estimated net worth of $45 million. She is one of the world’s best fashion designers, and as such, has attracted many high profile clients. This is one of the reasons why she boasts a very impressive net worth.  Pnina is also a well-known television personality with her own show on the TLC network.

Image of Businessperson, Pnina Tornai net worth is $45 million

Businessperson, Pnina Tornai net worth is $45 million

Reality television is a very lucrative venture, and as such, we can safely assume that the star makes a fair killing from her time on screen. Reality television stars earn thousands and thousands of dollars per episodes, putting them on the list of high earners in regards to salary.

Career details that gave Pnina Tornai $45 Million Net Worth.

Interestingly enough, the designer joined the military straight after high school. This was despite the fact that she had always wanted to become an actor, but serving at the time was mandatory. After serving, she later moved to Paris to study acting. When that didn’t pan out as well as she wanted it to, the soon to be star moved back to Israel, where she opened her first dress shop.

Pnina Tornai started designing wedding dresses in 1992. Her first design ended up on an Israeli newspaper. This saw her client list steadily expand as her stock grew exponentially. So much so that by 2005, she tried to pitch her dress designs to a famous bridal house, Kleinfeld Bridal.

Unfortunately, her dresses were deemed too sensual, and she was turned away. Tornai didn’t give up; instead, she went back to the drawing board, altered her designs and came back.

Image of Fashion Designer, Pnina Tornai

Fashion Designer, Pnina Tornai

This time, they took notice. She joined the boutique and quickly rose up the ranks and became one of the top sellers at the boutique. Tornai is, in fact, the only designer to have her own store with the famous boutique. This was only the tip of the iceberg as the designer went on to have a great career.

Pnina Tornai has featured her designs on a few memorable runways, including one shot in a dry desert. The famous designer went on to feature on TV as well, on shows such as Say Yes to the Dress, 10 Years Younger and ABC News Good Morning America.

Age wiki-bio

Full name Pnina Tornai
Age 56 years old.
Date of Birth 25th November 1962
Place of Birth Israel
Profession Designer, Dressmaker, Reality television star.
Net worth $45 million.
Husband David Levinshtein
Kids 1
Nationality Israeli
Ethnicity Jewish
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Shaul and Ruth Assis

Pnina Tornai was born on November the 25th, 1962 in Israel, to parents Shaul and Ruth Assis. This makes the talented designer 56 years old at the moment. She is the youngest of four children: all girls. The fashion designer’s rise to fame has been a slow but gradual process. She has to enlist in the army for one, even before she could pursue her dreams. When her first attempt at pitching her designs was unsuccessful, she held her nerves and tried again.

This is the type of hard work and mentality that has characterized Pnina throughout her career; she has a never give up attitude that has seen her rise to the very top. Most notably is how the renowned designer has stayed grounded, and close to her family. She has included both her son, sisters, husband in the running of her day to day business.

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