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Image of Ray Mears Wife, Net Worth, Knife, Axe

Ray Mears Net Worth. Meet Ray Mears Wife Ruth Mears. His Knife, Axe

Meet survival technique expert and bushcraft master, Raymond Paul Mears, famous as Ray Mears. The quirky British survival man mostly uses his gut and expertise as portrayed in the tons of the shows he stars in on the BBC and ITV networks. However, the more important question here is where does he operate considering Britain is a large conurbation? Well turns out; the Island has some wild parts to it which Ray Mears gets to explore and tame using only his axe and Knife. Here’s a break down on the Bushcrafter’s net worth, wife Ruth Mears, and wiki-bio.

Who is Ray Mears? Career info

For the longest time, Ray Mears wanted to join the Royal Marines, having prepared for it in most of his teenage years as a cadet. However, when push came to shove, the vigorous tests that the marines undergo before they join filtered him out. His eyesight failed him and therefore opening another chapter of his life.

The Survival man Ray Mears got his A-levels and got an office job in London. With the money he saved up, Mears founded his own company called Woodlore that sold Bushcraft items and offered short survival courses. It blew up, forging a new path for him into television in 1994 on a series called Tracks on BBC

His reputation preceded him. More so as fans demanded more of him on TV. Even the cops wanted in on the action. In July 2010, they presented him with a case on tracking Raoul Moat, a notorious killer, and fugitive on the run.

The TV star has also done interviews on television like the appearance he made on The Graham Norton Show. Moreover, his grievances on radio interviews about his need to work with animals as well received. His contract at ITV was adjusted to offer shows like Wild Britain and Close Encounters with Ray Mears.

Ray Mears net worth.

The TV presenter’s story is one of blood, sweat, tears and not for the faint-hearted. The decision to start up a business was worth it as Ray Mears’s net worth is £750,000. That estimates to about $960,000 as per current markets.

Image of Television Presenter, Ray Mears net worth is $960,000

Television Presenter, Ray Mears net worth is $960,000

If it wasn’t already obvious, much of his money comes from his work in television. These include shows like Ray Mears: Country Tracks, World of Survival, Bushcraft, Wild Food, Close Encounters, Real Heroes of Telemark and many more.

If that’s not enough, the British star Ray Mears also brings in money to add in his net worth with his work as an author. He has over a dozen books published with the first being The Survival Handbook in 1990. Others titles are My Outdoor Life, Vanishing World, Essential Bushcraft to mention a few.

Ray Mears is Married to Wife Ruth Mears After The Death of his first Wife Rachel.

Many fans are aware of the TV star Ray Mears’ wife named Ruth. However, many are oblivious to the fact that he has married twice and that his first wife died in 2006. Her name was Rachel, and they met when he had just established his Woodlore company.

Ruth Mears took one of his five-day survival classes in 1992 which turned out to be the perfect time to meet and bond. They had two kids and got married in 2005. Sadly, she died of breast cancer a year later at age 50.

Four years later, Ray Mears married his current wife Ruth and now calls Sussex their home. She has a son from her previous relationship.

Image of Ray Mears with his wife Ruth Mears

Ray Mears with his wife, Ruth Mears

Ray Mears knife, axe

With the help of Woodlore’s partners and its founder’s celebrity portfolio, the company now enjoys international status. Gransfors Bruks is one Swedish company that deals with high-quality axe forging, grinding stones and sheath making. They partnered up with Mears to deliver a premium wilderness axe with just the right design, weight, length and feel to offer the best cutting edge means. You can find it on his website.

Image of Woodsman, Ray Mears axe

Woodsman, Ray Mears axe

Speaking of cutting, the TV star Ray Mears also has an array of knives which you can also find in his website. He also believes in proper knife storage and also offers sleek leather knife sheaths to go with them. Mind you; the products don’t come cheap.

Wiki-Bio, Age, facts

Full name Raymond Paul Mears
Age 54
Date of Birth February 7th, 1964
Place of Birth Coulsdon, England
Profession TV presenter, businessman, author
Net worth $960,000
Wife Ruth Mears
Kids 2
Height 6 feet
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

The British woodsman celebrates his birthday on February 7th, following his birth in 1964 in Coulsdon, England. He got the opportunity to join the Downside Preparatory School in Purley and later, the Reigate Grammar School. The TV star Rae Mears is currently of age 55 and has lived quite an exciting life.

Ray was once involved in a helicopter crash in Wyoming 2005 while filming part of his documentary that left his pilot injured. The chopper broke apart during a low steep level turn after it hit the ground, rapturing the fuel tank. They would have met a fiery end if fate hadn’t intervened. He came out unharmed.

Moreover, he also battled two bouts of malaria and survived during some of his wilderness excursions. Did you also know that he can start a fire using nothing but kangaroo dung and can survive on wild berries and nuts for days? Talk about resiliency.


To talk about Ray Mears and not mention his Bushcraft expertise and businesses is unfair. Survival is his passion, and more importantly, it’s his net worth.

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