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Steve Darnell

Steve Darnell Wiki-bio: Net worth, wife, married, age

Steve Darnell does not open up much about his personal life. However, one thing people are certain about is his love for cars and his custom car reality series. The shows involve taking old cars, refurbishing them and customizing them for clients. Discovery Channel airs his show “Vegas Rat Rods.” Together with his “Welder Up” crew, they have made the show a major success. The crew comprises of Dan, Frant, Cheyenne, Travis Deeter, Barber Dave, Justine Kramer, Merlon Johnson, and Steve Darnell. There are so many things that you probably do not know about him because he keeps his personal life private.Even so, this article will share some available information about Steve Darnell wife, age and net worth in wiki type biography.

Net worth

Despite the many sources of income Steve Darnell has, no one knows how much he earns, and his net worth is still a guess. There is no reliable information about his real net worth. But according to some unverified sources, his Net Worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Vegas Rat Rods Steve Darnell is a married man. What do we know about his wife?

As one of the leading acts in the entertainment world, Darnell boasts of hundreds of thousands of followers and fans, but many people are still curious about his personal life, which he has kept a secret for a long time now. Steve Darnell is a married man.

He has kept his wife a secret, and he has always created a different perception of his wife, and marital status.  The man who has so much love for cars has never said a word about his wife until today. Also, he has never said anything about his children up to this age.

He is one of those celebs such as Steve Kornacki and Tom Burke who don’t talk about their net worth, age, wife or personal life.



Steve Darnell started his career as an engineer weirdly. During his high school years, he used to love wrestling and was part of the Castle Rock Middle School and Sky view wrestling team.

His first client was his wrestling coach. One day, when his coach wanted to get a present for his daughter, he requested Darnell to make one instead of purchasing a new one from the shop.

He knew the gift that Darnell has when it comes to practical tasks. His daughter was very happy, and she has played with it for a long time.

Additionally, Darnell is the man behind program “Welder Up” about car customization. The shop is known for collection and refurbishing wild rides. The cars that leave this place are usually on another level and beyond customer’s expectations.

There are other things that Darnell loves other than designing the wildest rat rods.  He loves man-interior designs, making short movies and producing videos. In the recent past, he designed cars, customs, and props in the House of the Rising Sun video which helps polish his craft and flourishes. This tells you he is a creative individual. His gifts have no boundaries.

Darnell has some projects that have been published in many sources such as the Rat Rod Magazine, Hot Rod Magazine, as well as Diesel Power Magazine.

His masterpiece has received not only accolades but also awards. Steve Darnell charges between $80,000 and $100,000 to design an average vehicle. Based on the kind of work he has done before, it is vivid that he earns an incredible salary. But still, his net worth is a tale.

 Wiki bio

Name Steve Darnell
Profession TV Personality
Married Yes
Kids Yes
Net Worth Unknown

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