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Willie B aka steve meade

Willie B aka Steve Meade Wiki-bio: Net Worth, Wife, age

When it comes to cars and racing, you will seldom find someone as interested as the famous host and racer Willie B. Willie B or as he was formerly known Willie B Hung’s actual name is Steve Meade who likes both drag racing and hosting racing events. He is also the host of the TV series ‘Two Guys Garage,’ and he is in love with his job. Find out about how he got this far in his career and also if he has a wife?

Steve Meade Married Life and Wife

Steve Meade is a very popular voice on radio and easily recognizable in the racing sports universe, but still, comparatively, there is little known about his personal life.

Since he barely speaks about his personal life and has never mentioned a wife, we can only assume that he is not married. Same goes for his dating life as well, he has neither been seen dating anyone nor does he ever mention that he is seeing a girlfriend.

However, in a news article published back in 2010, he said, “I spend all my extra time and money with racing. I’ve lost girlfriends and wives over that.” It seems like Steve has had a lot of girlfriends and wives in the past but is secretive enough to keep them away from the limelight. Adrenaline addiction is a common thing seen by people with exotic jobs like racers.

Steve Meade Net Worth and Career

Steve Meade is famous for being the DJ of the rock station 106.7 KBPI and also the host of a highly rated morning show. His passion for racing had once been so strong that he even did drag racing for a bit back in 1996 at the Bandimere Speedway.

He is a cars fanatic and loves to race, so it is not difficult to guess how he got the job at ‘Two Guys Garage.’ He replaced the previous co-host to the show Bryan Fuller and will now be appearing alongside Kevin Byrd in the show. His total net worth is unknown to this day but we are sure the evaluation is underway, and e ill have his net worth very soon.

Steve Meade Wiki-Bio:

Steve Meade is a DJ, host, and racer who is known for working in the radio station KBPI and TV show ‘Two Guys Garage.’ He was even a program director at KBPI but is also known for a number of scandals. His most famous one regarding animal cruelty where he is caught encouraging staff to throw a hen into the racing tracks. However other than that he has had a great career and nothing more is known about his wiki-bio.

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