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Street Outlaws AZN is not married

Street Outlaws AZN Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Married. Know Jeff Benett

Among big stars Like Big Chief and Daddy Dave, there is another cast of Street Outlaws that we(most of us) love. He is no other than Farmtruck’s sidekick Jeff Bennett most popular as AZN. Today we are about to tell you about whether AZN is married to a wife or single. Or maybe this Street Outlaws Cast is dating a possible girlfriend. Could be anything, for sure check this out. AZN Age, Net worth, married or dating girlfriend in wiki type biography.

Street Outlaws AZN is possibly single without a girlfriend. And he definitely isn’t married to a wife.

Yeah, that’s right. Go on ladies, you might get lucky. Looking into his personal life there is one thing we can tell you for a fact, and that is he maintains his privacy very seriously. I mean who doesn’t post the pictures of loved ones on twitter or facebook these days? It is either AZN is single or has kept his wife or possible girlfriend away from the spotlight.

AZN Girlfriend

It is hard for celebs. When the fans couldn’t find the answer they keep making their speculations. For instance, after AZN’s fans tried searching for his partner and came out empty handed, they made a speculation that he might be dating with Farmtruck.  Really? It is just a rumor nothing more than that. We might get to know more about his partner some day. Rest assured, AZN is not a gay.

AZN Net Worth, Age.

Speed driving can be risky. It might claim your life, but hey it is not so bad after all. If you see some cast of Street Outlaws’ Net Worth, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some big star of the show like Big Chief makes a huge income from the show. But what is AZN Net Worth?

So, to be honest, no any official statement has been released regarding his net worth or salary. But a reliable source claims that Street Outlaws’ AZN Net Worth is close to $300,000. As far as his salary is concerned, he gets $20,000 per episode. Not bad, Not bad at all.

AZN is 34 years old


AZN and Farmtruck like everybody knows are a team. While Farmtruck does the racing, Jeff “AZN” Bennett does the smack talking. These two buddies met while racing the streets of the 405. After meeting shortly they become a close friend and decided to work as a team.

AZN and Farmtruck

AZN says,

when you meet street racing you either become enemies or fast friends. They became friends.

So, now you know everything about Street Outlaws’ AZN net worth, age and married life in wiki type biography.

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