Street Outlaws Birdman Girlfriend Kim Ynfante Soon to be his wife?

James Finney, also known as Birdman is one the most formidable racers on Discovery channel’s reality show Street Outlaws. With over 25 years behind the wheel racing, he certainly has the skills to show for it. When it comes to the people who have his back, it’s not his opponents but his family which includes his girlfriend, Kim Ynfante who may soon turn to be Birdman’s wife. Here is a scoop on their relationship, their kids, her wiki-bio and facts about her unknown to the general eye.

Street Outlaws James “Birdman” Finney and his girlfriend Kim Ynfante getting Married? Their detailed relationship info.

Since the show debuted, the only other thing consistent on Street Outlaws’ Birdman’s life other than his win is his girlfriend. She has been on the forefront cheering him on his battles and still offers support even when he loses on rare occasions.

Kim Ynfante is also good at keeping the family intact since they have dated for quite a long time. So is it time that they got married? Some sources say that she is already his wife and they kept their marriage secret. Others say she is his girlfriend but their relationship has surpassed all that and Kin Ynfante is Birdman’s wife.

Image of Kim Ynfante with her boyfriend James "Birdman" Finney

Kim Ynfante with her boyfriend James “Birdman” Finney

If there is going to be a wedding, we would have already known about it through Kim’s Facebook profile. She is huge on social media and updates us on everything that’s going down in her life. One related life event was her upload on getting married five years ago.

They were to officiate it by the end of the year or earlier in 2014, but we got no word of it. However, earlier this year she went on to upload another life milestone on Facebook to declare that she is in a relationship. She received a ton of congratulatory remarks off of it which could mean it was her subtle way of letting us know she got married to James “Birdman” Finney. Nevertheless, she still doesn’t have a wedding ring on her recent uploads.

Who is Kim Ynfante? Her wiki-bio, age, family, career

Full Name Kim YnFante
Age Undisclosed
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of residence Baytown, Texas
Raised in Crosby, Texas
Net worth Unknown
Relationship status In a relationship with James Finney aka Birdman
Kids 5
Height Unknown.
Ethnicity White
Zodiac sign Unknown

Street Outlaws’ Birdman’s girlfriend Kim Ynfante rose to fame through her link to her boyfriend. However, if you take him out of the picture, you’ll still have a vibrant woman to talk about. Kim is a Texas enthusiast having been raised there and still calls it her home.

She grew up in Crosby to be more precise and attended Crosby High School. It’s still unclear as to whether she got her college education or not. The same goes for details on her parents. However, there is much to talk about her family.

Through her Facebook, she let us in on her family. Her sisters’ names are Kelli Eilers-Massey and Kasey Eilers. She also has an uncle named James Seay who is just as active on the platform as she is. Moving closer to home, Ynfante is also a mother of five.

She currently makes Baytown, Texas the home for her young ones who are just as enthusiastic about racing as Finney. As a result, they travel with him to see him in action and cheer him on. The reality TV star has revealed that it’s the right kind of motivation he needs to focus on winning the No-prep events. He doesn’t like to disappoint.

There is nothing on her date of birth; however, she is a very social person. Kim Ynfante goes huge on sports and has a thing for David Beckham and professional wrestlers like John Cena and Rey Mysterio. One of her best features yet is giving back to society. She is a certified organ donor meaning that if anything were to happen to her, her organs could be used to save lives.


Street Outlaws James “Birdman” Finney’s girlfriend, Kim Ynfante has been an avid supporter of his career since day one. She takes care of the kids, nurtures and loves them – all qualities of a great wife.

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