Daddy Dave: New Motor, Net Worth, Wife, age in Wiki-bio.

David Comstock born on April 4, 1993, is probably most popular by his other name Daddy Dave in the popular TV show “Street Outlaws.” Other than racing in the street he likes to customize cars, redesign them to give the perfect looks and performance. Let’s find out about his Net worth. Also, stay tuned to get more insight into his married life and wife.

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Net Worth

What Dave does as a profession is a life-risking task, but for him, it is more a passion than money. During his career, he has gathered impressive Net Worth for himself.

According to an unconfirmed source, his net worth is $900,000. He receives the salary of $20,000 per episode from the show.

Caption: Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Net Worth is $900,000

Daddy Dave New Motor

Street Outlaws is all about who is the fastest. Who drives the fastest cars and who reaches the line.
The guys behind the wheel in these types of racing invest a huge amount of money just to stay on the top and be the baddest.
There is no guarantee of what they invest will be returned, but hey, money isn’t everything right? Daddy Dave New Motor is what people are trying to figure out right now. Dave posted on his social site Facebook, and I quote
““Game changer boys and girls!!! If you thought we were fast with the conventional headed 540 and a F1, hide and watch what we gonna do with a PLR 481X and a F3. You’re on notice……..!!!!”

Daddy Dave posted about status about his new motor on facebook

Daddy Dave posted about status about his new motor on facebook

Source: Facebook

Below are some pictures of Daddy Dave’s new motor Proline 481X. This is sure to put that Nova on a new level which might leave the competition in the dust!

Daddy Dave new motor engine Proline 481X

Daddy Dave new motor engine Proline 481X

Source: Speedsociety

Daddy Dave is still working on new Motor and hasn’t revealed anything yet just some clues is all that he has given till now. But be back to know more. We’ll update as soon as we get them.

He is married to Wife Cassi Comstock

Daddy Dave is married to wife Cassi. The couple dated for a long time before getting married.

His wife has always been a source of inspiration for him, but she wanted Dave to quit racing after the accident which almost cost his life.

Street Outlaws Cast Daddy Dave with wife Cassi Comstock

Street Outlaws Cast Daddy Dave with wife Cassi Comstock

Cassie was always there by his bed while he was at the hospital. She was the one who kept the fans updated about his health condition via social sites like Facebook.

Daddy Dave and wife Cassi has 2 kids both daughters. They are still young and the couple has managed to keep them away from the spotlight.

Caption: Daddy Dave's Daughter

Caption: Daddy Dave’s Daughter

Daddy Dave’s accident in 2015

on August 2015, Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws suffered a horrific accident when he loosed control of the vehicle after which it slammed into the wall. He was lucky to survive the accident.

He was driving a Chevy II which hit the wall few moments after the race started. Dave was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital by an ambulance. The doctor said it was a miracle he lived.

Wiki-bio: Age.

Daddy Dave was born to father Peter and Mother Marge Comstock in 1973. As of writing this article David Comstock, age is 44 years old. 

He was raised in Oklahoma with his brothers. His love towards the car and fast lane made him one of the renowned street racer. He started driving while he was still a teenager of 16 years old. His first drive was his parent’s car Chevy Impala(1978)

His Career as a professional racer began in 2009 when he got an opportunity to Starr in a reality Tv show “Pinks”.
Although “Pinks” was the starting point for Daddy Dave, his career got a boost after he met Justin Shearer AKA Big Chief from the popular Tv show “Street Outlaws” which airs on Discovery channel.

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