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Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens Husband and Married Life. Her Children and Grand Daughter.

Whether its movies like ‘Into the Wild’ or any other survival shows in National Geographic that gives you the idea of human beings having their real calling in the wild. However, it is easier said than done to throw away the centuries of materialized civilization. Not for Sue Aikens, it is not, in fact, she has been living in the wilderness for practically her entire life. Today learn about her family, is she married to a husband and does she have children?

Sue Aikens revealed her 3 partners but not married to a Husband Yet.

You must already know a lot about Sue after all her show ‘Life Below Zero‘ is one of the highest grossing shows in the National Geographic channel. Even though the show has been airing since 2013 and is already in its eighth season but still we know so little about her married life.

We only know that she has children that live separately with their only families. So what about her husband if she even was married. Well, we do not know if she was married but living in the wilderness she only had 3 partners.

She spoke about it in a tweet where she jested that 2 of the people she dated died just to get away from her while one left her for a younger woman. So as far as we know Sue Aikens has no husband and is not currently married.

Sue Aikens Children and Grandchildren

Sue Aikens may not talk about her family much she still loves them very much. She has 2 daughters according to her bio, but they all live separately with a family of their own somewhere in the United States of America.

She also has grandchildren, but we do not know about the details. She was once photographed with her granddaughter, and many websites have also reported that one of her boyfriend or husband mentioned above who left her from somebody else did it the same time that she was with her grandson who was battling cancer.

Speaking of her children, she also shared a picture of her son who was going to get married.

Sue Aikens talks about her child in twitter post

Source:- Twitter

Sue Aikens Net Worth

Sue Aikens is a very famous person who is famous for her show ‘Life Below Zero.’ It is a real hit show that has delivered great 8 seasons from 2013. She also made featured in several other shows before like ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ and ‘Flying Wild Alaska’. She stars in ‘Life Below Zero’ alongside 9 other members, but she is highly paid.

Her great contributions have earned him a great net worth of 500,000 dollars. Her net worth is not all alone due to her appearance in shows. A lot of her net worth also comes from her actual job of running the Kavik River Camp. She opens it up during the hunting season and summer as a place for hunters and tourists.

Her camp and other ventures are said to raise an annual salary of 200,000 dollars a day. On top of that, she lives off the wilderness, so she has really less expenditure.

Sue Aikens Net Worth $500,000

Caption:- Sue Aikens Net Worth $500,000

Sue Aikens Wiki-Bio

Sue Aikens whose real name is Susan Aikens was born on 1st July 1963 in Mount Prospect Illinois. She once even used to live on a tropical island in her childhood that Sue does not even remember the name of.

Susan Aikens used to move around a lot with her family until she came to Alaska. Her mother decided to leave her father and shortly after also left her to fend up for herself in the Alaskan wilderness at the age of 12 years old.

She managed to not only survive but strive in the environment despite the extreme weather, fuel and food scarcity. She had a very close encounter in 2007 when a bear attacked her but left her for the dead. However, she was badass enough to first-aid herself and then kill the bear and wait for the medical help.


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