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Tia Torres still married to husband Aren Marcus Jackson. Her Kids, Age, Net Worth Wiki Bio.

How often have you heard the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend,”? Too many, right? If you own a dog though, you know how true that statement is. And one person who considerably returns the favor by being the best friend to hundreds of dogs is Tia Torres of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees (2009 to date). Let’s find out more about Pit Bulls and Parolees star Tia Torres Husband, Net Worth, kids and age in wiki type biography.

Pit Bulls and Parolees is a series that documents the daily happenings between Tia Torres, her kids, her parolee employees, and her dogs in Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC). Tia and her crew find and rescue neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs especially pit bulls and then try to find them new owners through adoption.

They take in about 60 dogs monthly and adopt out nearly 40 each month. VRC was initially located in Agua Dulce, California as you will note in the first few seasons. However, due to strict state laws that made the economy too expensive, this Pit Bulls and Parolees star had to move VRC to New Orleans, Louisiana back in 2011. It is currently the largest pit bull animal center in the USA.

Pit Bulls and Parolees’ Tia Torres still married to Aren Marcus Jackson.

Tia Torres with her husband Aren Marcus Jackson

Tia Maria Torres and her husband Aren are unquestionably a couple that goes to show if it’s indeed true love, it can withstand anything.

The two met in the 80s when Tia was trying to track down the owner of a lost dog, who coincidentally happened to be Aren. Unfortunately, at the time, he was in California Penitentiary. Regardless, they became penpals and often exchanged letters.

So when her husband Aren Marcus Jackson finally got released in 2006, the lovebirds got married on 31st October of the same year.

Sadly, her newlywed husband Aren was again arrested in 2007 for grand theft auto and is currently serving a 15 years sentence in California. There are rumors that he was wrongfully arrested but wrongfully or not, they remain happily married.

Aren Marcus Jackson is not her first husband.

Although unconfirmed, Tia Torres is rumored to have been married thrice. Her pit bull Duke once saved her from an attack by one of her ex-husband’s rooster. In return, she replaced a tattoo of the ex-hubby with one of Duke’s paw.

She has either choose to keep her previous married life a secret or her previous relationship are just unconfirmed rumors as we couldn’t find anything to prove it.

Tia Maria Torres kids

Pitbulls and Parolees Tia Torres has four children, two biological daughters, and two ‘adopted’ twin brothers. Tania Torres, her daughter with a late gangbanger ex-boyfriend, is her firstborn while Mariah Torres, her daughter with husband Aren, is her second born.

Tania is an assistant animal trainer for the film industry while Mariah is a public speaker and an aspiring fashion designer.

Image of pitbulls and parolees tia torres with her children

Tia Torres (Right) and her children

Kanani and Moe/Keli’i Chock are the said ‘adopted’ sons. Although not legally adopted, they are like sons to Tia and help extensively at the center. The two funny bikers had a rough childhood and joined the VRC family soon after becoming friends with Mariah. The two also paint, draw, and are talented musicians.

She has been a great mom and raised her kids well. It must have been hard since her husband is still in prison, but she is a strong woman and she has proven that by raising four kids all by herself.

Tia Torres is 57 Years Old.

Born in California back in 1960. She’ll celebrate her 58th birthday on June 11. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini.

Pit Bulls and Parolees Tia Maria Torres is 57 years old as of April 2018.

Tia Torres Net Worth is $300,000 as of 2018.

She has also featured in a few Pit Bulls and Parolees mini-series like Tattoo tales and Villalobos tales.

Thanks to her TV career mainly, Tia Torres net worth is estimated to be $300,000. She has been the star of Pit Bulls and Parolees for ten seasons now in 8+ years.

Pit Bulls and Parolees Tia Maria Torres has also had a few side gigs as an animal trainer in the film and music industries that included training the black cats in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, training wolves in Mowgli’s Story among others. VRC is also another source of her income to add to her net worth. However, it’s hard to estimate her annual salary due to varying factors.

With ongoing series Pit Bulls and Parolees and her active participation can be a strong sign that her net worth is obvious to increase in 2018 and coming years.

Tia Torres Wiki, Bio, and Other Facts

Image of Pit Bull and Parolees Tia Torres tattoo

As she explains on her website, Tia’s stepmom influenced her love of animals. The first animals she ever took care of were the horses at home, and after she moved out, wolves and wolf hybrids and later on pit bulls. Ironically, she has been both a gang member and an army recruit.

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