Gold Rush Tony Beets Wiki-Bio, Net worth, wife minnie Beets, Daughters

Tony Beets, 57-year-old miner is more than just a blue-collar worker. He is a miner who made his fortune with his impeccable sense for finding gold. Not only that, Beets proved himself as a father, boss, entrepreneur and television star. Here you are about to find out about Tony Beet Married life and wife. Also, have a look at his net worth in wiki type bio.

He is married to wife Minnie Beets

Along with his net worth but also his family grew in the land of his dreams. 5 feet 8 inches tall, Beets met his wife when he was significantly shorter, namely at the age of seven, when Beets family moved in next door.

Beets started dating Minnie when she was 20 years old, and that love lasts until nowadays, Minnie still being the only person Beets can’t say no to. Both in search of better life, Minnie, Beets’ wife joined him immediately on this adventure where she took on jobs in healthcare, retail, and in a hamburger joint in Dawson Creek- which she ended up buying and managing.

Today, Minnie is a bookkeeper at Paradise Hill for more than ten years, controlling Beets’ endeavors and not letting him go to “crazy.” Nevertheless, when there is the need for hard work, Minnie doesn’t fall behind- like all the other Beets family members, she knows how to handle heavy machinery.

Happy Couple: Tony Beets seems happy together with his wife Minnie Beets

Tony Beets and his wife Minnie Beets

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Tony Beets Daughter Monica and Bianca Beets.

Tony Beets might take care of increasing his net worth, but family comes first. With this funny quotation from his official Facebook page, Beets’ eldest son Kevin who keeps the page up and running, tried to display the spirit of his father, direct as he is.

Speaking of daughters, Tony Beet’s has two daughters- Monica and Bianca, although the couple had the third daughter, Jasmine, who passed away when only two months old. Tony and Minnie also have two sons- Kevin and Mike.

Monica Beets, daughter of Tony Beets and Minnie Beets riding heavy trucks

Tony Beets’ daughter Monica Beets

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Net Worth: $15 million.

Tony is the proud owner of the mine Tamarack. His work caught the eye of producers on Discovery, and soon a show kicked off. Beets was able to show off his skills not only as a miner and boss but also a television star, and the reality show was a hit.

Starting in 2010, the show still goes on. Interestingly though,  Tony Beets’ net worth is around $15 million which is mainly coming from his mining work and “golden skills” and not The Gold Rush.

Tony Beets' net worth is $12 Million

Tony Beets’ net worth is $12 Million

In comparison to other reality shows, the Beets family still hasn’t reached their A-game. Nevertheless, Tony and his family are chasing different dreams.

Not letting go of what he created, Beet’s takes on new challenges with his beloved gold and dreams of opening and running two gold mines in parallel. Nevertheless, the net worth of his family members participating in the show is likely to increase with each upcoming season.

Before Beets family was a big name among millions of people, Tony and his family had a fair share of struggle and hard work. They worked at Beets Crew at Paradise Hill.

After Years of working in mines, they caught the attention of reality series producer and how Beets family’s started starring on a hit Tv series “GoldRush”.

Canadian dream

Coming from the Netherlands this Dutch – Canadian made true what so many before he tried. Whoever though Eldorado age is over, Beets proved them wrong. Raised on a farm, Beets had experience with farm chores, and before leaping faith to come to Canada, he was living off milking cows.

Being very persistent and hardworking, some 25 years ago Beets decided to leave everything in search of better life and move from the Netherlands to Canada. Upon arrival to Dawson City in 1984, he started making himself golden, increasing his net worth slowly but steadily.

Although being from the Netherlands, and not Nordic countries, he is supposedly a proud owner a nickname “Viking”. Despite the organ, his strength, colorful language, and his famous beard might as well convince us that the nickname is appropriate.

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